My Son

Theatrical Release: September 20, 2013
DVD Release: August 19, 2014


Cadon wasn’t going anywhere . . . until he met Jess. Now that Jess and her young son Austin are living with him, his life seems to have direction and purpose. But when they lose custody of Austin under questionable circumstances, Cadon feels responsible. Desperate to keep Jess, Cadon turns to his lifelong friend Bo for help to reclaim the boy. As their plan unfolds and tensions escalate, Cadon finds himself trapped in a hostage crisis in a small church. With the situation spiraling out of control, Cadon, Jess and Bo will each have life-changing decisions to make. “My Son” tells the story behind a too-real tragedy interwoven with a message of hope that can overcome even our worst choices.

Dove Review

This movie does a good job demonstrating that God is with us, even during very difficult times. Jess has a son named Austin after becoming pregnant at age seventeen. Her son is two or three years old when she meets Cadon at a party. A social worker sees that they party and young Austin is removed from the home and given to Jess’s parents to care for. Cadon’s childhood friend Bo feels responsible because he threw the party that resulted in Austin’s removal from Cadon and Jess’s home. He goes into a church and takes the people there hostage and he makes derogatory comments about God and against Christians.

This leads to dramatic moments of tension, and ultimately Cadon is faced with the decision to either accept God into his life or to go deeper into his self pity. The movie features a redemptive message. There is a lot of content which we have listed, but ultimately good triumphs.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: A man is asked if he got woman pregnant; woman says people are having sex in her bedroom; making out by couples at a party; kissing.
Language: D-1; Frickin-1; Moron-1; Losers-2; H-2; Stupid-1; Shut up-3.
Violence: Boys play a punching game; boys throw a rock at church window but it doesn't break; a man robs a church at gunpoint; sheriff is shot and a lot of blood is seen; women are shot at but not hit; guy washes blood off hands; a man has hostages and holds gun on them; a woman is knocked out by man hitting her in head with gun; other shootings and blood splatters on wall and is seen on character; men wrestle over gun; a player intentionally uses forearm on girl in soccer game.
Drugs: Drinking in several scenes including beer and hard liquor; marijuana use in a few scenes at a party; man drinks a beer in church; the use of a bong; cigarette smoking; woman is on probation for marijuana use.
Nudity: Cleavage in a few scenes; girl dresses in skimpy clothing; shirtless man.
Other: A couple argues; boys are disruptive in church and playing a game; mother is disobeyed; stealing; vomiting is heard but not seen; a neighbor lady is insulted when she asks how soon the party will end; a teen girl says she hates church because there's no cell phone service; a racial slur in church; man says the church brainwashes people and just wants money; comments like "God doesn't exist," "Where's your God now?" etc.


Company: Retta Baptist Church
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 110 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter