The Little Mermaid

DVD Release: August 6, 2002
The Little Mermaid


Hans Christian Andersen’s beloved fairy tale is brought to the screen again in this animated adaptation. Princess Lena is a beautiful mermaid who has grown tired of her life underwater and wonders about the people who live on dry land. Lena encounters handsome but landlocked Prince Stefan when she becomes caught in a whirlpool, and for her it’s love at first sight; Lena decides she wants to join him on dry land, but in order to do that she must form an alliance with the wicked witch Cassandra.

Dove Review

This rollicking animated story based on Hans Christian Anderson’s beloved book “The Little Mermaid” follows the adventures and mishaps of Princess Lena, her underwater family and her friends. The beautiful princess longs to explore beyond what she knows and soon encounters the enticing “above world” when she is drawn away by a powerful whirlpool. She sees a ship carrying handsome Prince Stefan and a crew of sailors struggling when they are overtaken by a powerful storm. Princess Lena decides to use her mermaid abilities to intervene, changing her destiny forever.

The enchanting underwater realm now no longer holds her heart in spite of her father’s stern instruction to never return above-world again. Much to the dismay of her adorable dolphin friend Blink, she is determined to return to the surface, trade her mermaid tail for legs and become Prince Stefan’s wife. Princess Lena seeks out the evil sea witch Cassandra for help and pays a heartbreaking price for the opportunity to enter the prince’s world.

Lena’s father loves her unconditionally and wants only the best for her, even if that is different from his own heart’s desire. Bare midriffs are expected on mermaids and are seen throughout the film. Parents are advised to be aware of animated magic, spells and potions when Princess Lena encounters Cassandra. “The Little Mermaid” provides many instances of love, second chances, believing a dream and friendship. Families will delight in this story brought to life through charming animation, and we award the Dove Family Approved Seal for all ages.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: 1 kiss between adult couple.
Language: “I swear”-1
Violence: Shipwreck, threat of drowning.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Bare midriff on female mermaids.
Other: Lying and disobedience to parent with consequences; Cassandra tells character “evil is your friend;” animated magic with references to spells and potions.


Company: Cinedigm
Producer: Diane Eskenazi
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 49 min.
Reviewer: Nancy Bowens