When Calls the Heart: Second Chances

DVD Release: August 26, 2014
When Calls the Heart: Second Chances


Elizabeth and Jack struggle to return their relationship to where it was before Billy Hamilton got between them, while Elizabeth works to find a solution for one of her older students, Bo Grady, who is having trouble reading. Meanwhile, Abigail goes to Gowen with her proposal to reopen the abandoned café in town. The entire town of Coal Valley reacts to the fact that Adam Miller has returned without one of his legs, as Adam struggles to adjust to his new life with a disability. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is informed that she is responsible for the annual production of the Coal Valley Founder’s Day play and scrambles to begin preparations.

Dove Review

“When Calls the Heart: Second Chances” features two episodes of the enormously popular Hallmark Channel program. Episode seven is titled “Second Chances” and episode eight is titled “Perils of the Soloists.”

In “Second Chances,” Elizabeth attempts to teach her student Bo to read. Bo has struggled with learning, and his father is dead set against it. His dad believes he is destined to work in the mines. Yet Elizabeth clearly sees Bo’s potential and discovers why he is struggling. Elizabeth helps Abigail see that she still has a purpose in life, and Abigail sets out to open a restaurant in town. Themes in this episode include helping others and reaching for one’s dreams.

In “Perils of the Soloists,” Adam Miller, lone survivor of the mine explosion, returns from the hospital with a surprise: he has a wooden leg. His family is happy to see him again, but adjusting to his new life is difficult for Adam. He begs for an easier job at the mine that will allow him to work once again. Yet this proves to be too much for him as well. When he quits, he and his wife argue and he leaves home. Mountie Jack goes after him, hoping to convince him to return. He tells Adam that the Almighty can still bless the work of his hands. In another plotline, Elizabeth learns that she has a week to produce a Founder’s Day play. Jack and Abigail come to her rescue.

The film contains wonderful themes such as caring for others and adjusting to difficult life situations. The acting is top notch, particularly by Erin Krakow as Elizabeth, Daniel Lissing as Jack, and Lori Loughlin as Abigail. We are most pleased to award this inspirational family drama our Family Approved Seal for ages 12 and over. This DVD will take you back to a more innocent time, yet a time with problems that everyone can understand.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Painting contains an image of a couple kissing.
Language: H-1; Oh My Lord-1; Dear Lord-1.
Violence: Man tosses wooden chair in anger.
Drugs: Man holds a drink in his hand in a re-cap of a previous episode.
Nudity: None
Other: Couple argues; man admits he was once angry with God; tension between man and his son's teacher.


Company: Word Films
Director: Michael Landon, Jr.
Producer: Brian Bird
Genre: Drama
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter