Nicky Deuce

DVD Release: May 27, 2013
Nicky Deuce


“Nicky Deuce” is based on the book “Nicky Deuce: Welcome To The Family” by Steven Schirripa and Charles Fleming. Nicholas Borelli II (Noah Munck), a sheltered suburban teen, has the adventure of a lifetime when his plans for math camp take a sudden turn. Instead, he is forced to spend his summer in Brooklyn, New York, with the family he never knew he had—his Italian grandmother Tutti (Rita Moreno) and Uncle Frankie (Steven R. Schirripa). A fish out of water, Nicholas leans on the local kids to help him fit in and ends up with a slick new persona: Nicky Deuce. But when Nicky runs into trouble, he discovers a family secret and learns that the tough streets of Brooklyn aren’t always what they seem.

Dove Review

“Nicky Deuce” is a cute movie! Nicholas Borelli ll is a typical kid who fantasizes about being an old-time detective and hero, sort of a James Bond character. When his parents are called out of the country, he stays with his grandmother and Uncle Frankie in Brooklyn. He gets to know his father’s Italian side of the family. He learns a secret about his Uncle Frankie, at first humorously thinking his uncle belongs to the Mob.

“Nicky Deuce” is an action-packed slapstick comedy that many viewers will enjoy. This one easily earns our Dove Family-Approved Seal for all ages. Don’t “Fugettaboutit” like one of the sayings in the movie! Instead, watch and enjoy.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Kissing between couple on TV; man and woman kiss; man kisses man on mouth because he mistakenly thinks it's a tradition.
Language: Jerks-2; Pigs-1; OMG is mouthed-1.
Violence: Man shot in TV show; woman slaps man on face on TV; hand hit with spoon; slapstick physical humor; off-screen accidents heard but not seen; man hit with door and burns hand in comedic scenes.
Drugs: Unlit cigar hanging in man's mouth.
Nudity: Shirtless men, one in tub.
Other: Kids steal food and are seen; man is hung upside down and hit with "poop."


Company: Cinedigm
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 67 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter