The Polar Bear King

DVD Release: February 5, 2008
The Polar Bear King


In the enchanting kingdom of Summerland, the handsome and newly crowned King Valemon refuses to marry the evil witch. His refusal to align himself with the dark forces causes the witch to cast an evil spell that transforms Valemon into an enormous polar bear. While escaping north to the icy kingdom of
Winterland, Valemon falls in love with a beautiful, young princess who sees beyond his frightening appearance to the kindness within. It is up to the princess to prevent the witch’s wicked scheme, rescue Valemon and break the spell on the Polar Bear King.

Dove Review

“The Polar Bear King,” like most fantasy tales, contains a princess, prince, kings, queens and, of course, an evil witch who casts a spell. In this tale the handsome prince turns away the advances of the evil witch and she turns him into a polar bear. At midnight each night he becomes human again for a short time.

As the new king in his polar bear form finds his true love, other forces fight against the couple. But as in most fairy tales, good prevails over evil and the couple live happily ever after.

Although this is a fantasy and a fairy tale, some of the content places this film outside Dove’s guidelines for family approval and therefore cannot receive the Dove Seal.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Young lady kisses man on cheek; a couple kiss.
Language: Comment to evil creature, "Lord and Master, we are ready."
Violence: Men on sleds chased by pack of wolves; men setting traps for bear; bear swiping claws at men; man pushes woman; evil creatures hitting each other;
Drugs: Witch cooking up spell potion, potion given to man that makes him sleep; potion given to evil creatures and witch.
Nudity: Woman breastfeeding infant.
Other: Evil witch changes man into a bear; not believing in spells; being skilled in good magic; talking to animals; grandmother taking children and protecting them in cloak of invisibility, magical clothes; magical boots.


Company: Cinedigm
Writer: Erik Borge
Director: Ola Solum
Genre: Children
Runtime: 88 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe