The Hero of Color City

Theatrical Release: October 3, 2014
DVD Release: December 2, 2014
The Hero of Color City


Limited Theatrical Release – Each night, when Ben falls asleep, his Crayons’ magical Crayon Box transports them to COLOR CITY, a world of dazzling hues, soaring fantasy and the whimsy of childhood.

When YELLOW is accidentally left behind in Ben’s room, she awakens two Unfinished Drawings: KING SCRAWL, a huge monster, and GNAT, Scrawl’s sidekick. They follow Yellow to Color City and claim the enchanted Rainbow Waterfall and all of its color for themselves. Soon Color City will fade and our lovable crayon characters will disappear.

It’s up to Yellow and her pals, BLUE, GREEN, RED, and the twins, BLACK and WHITE, to save the day. Meeting with fantastical creatures and fun adventures along the way, Yellow discovers she has more courage than she knew and learns to believe in herself and to count on the support of her friends.

Replete with valuable life lessons, THE HERO OF COLOR CITY will entertain and inspire..

Dove Review

Life is a box of crayons, literally, in this city. After Ben goes to sleep, his crayons come alive and return through the rainbow door to Color City. They have been followed, or at least Yellow has been followed, by an unfinished drawing of King and his sidekick. The twosome just want color, but the crayons don’t understand.

When King goes to the mountain of the rainbow river and stops the stream from flowing, it causes the crayons to fade in color. So Blue, Red, Green, White and Black, along with Yellow, go on an adventure to stop the unfinished drawings from stealing their color.

This is a terrific story with magical qualities, not only about the world of crayons but also about facing your fears, that everyone has a purpose, and that you should not judge someone because of the way they look.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Pink kisses Brown.
Language: Dam as a structure-2; Poopy pants-2; Jerks-1; Creeps-1.
Violence: Trash can and drawing fight.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Being afraid of something.