The Last Templar

DVD Release: April 13, 2010


When a medieval decoding device points the way to the long-lost treasure of the Knights Templar, an archaeologist and FBI agent join forces to find it, never realizing the Vatican will stop at nothing to prevent its discovery. For at the end of the trail littered with hidden clues, ancient codes and bodies of silenced conspirators, lies a secret so shocking it will change the face of history forever. Based on Raymond Khoury’s #1 international bestseller, “The Last Templar” is a pulse-pounding adventure where nothing is what it seems. And only the truth will set you free.

Dove Review

The Last Templar” has an interesting storyline for sure. After a flashback to the old knights and sword fights, the film begins with knights riding horses into a museum in contemporary New York and stealing items while they break glass and strike people with swords. They are shot at and soon flee. One of the visitors at the museum, Tess Chaykin (Mira Sorvino), grabs a police horse and chases them.

This fast-paced opening sequence leads to many other action sequences, with the movie featuring archaeology, romance, and more action as the quest for a “secret treasure” takes place and involves lots of good guys and bad guys. An FBI agent, Sean Daly (Scott Foley), keeps tabs on Tess. He can’t help but like her. She feels the same way and at times she is livid with him and at other times she kisses him.

Ultimately we learn the secret of the search and, although we won’t spoil it by saying exactly what it is, people of Christian faith might be offended. Yet the movie clearly states that faith plays a part in the Christian religion and, as one character observes, religion is important to a great many people, so maybe there’s something to it.

Regrettably, implied sex takes place between two unmarried people and they both make it clear with statements made later that they don’t regret it. There are also several scenes of violence including a hanging seen on screen. Therefore, we are unable to present “The Last Templar” our Dove Seal.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: An unmarried couple sleeps together and are clear they don't regret it; innuendos such as "Do you miss it?" "What, sex?"; passionate kissing.
Language: B-1; G/OMG-3; Ba*tard-1; H-4; F'ing-1 (word not fully said); Man says the name Jesus and makes it clear he is using it in prayer; D-1; Crap-1; Idiot-1.
Violence: Many sword fights and a few shootings with blood seen; man hangs himself and it is seen for a few seconds; slashing noises with sword fights; city is burned; people stabbed.
Drugs: Champagne and wine; drinking.
Nudity: Cleavage; shirtless man.
Other: Scroll called the Gospel of Jesus is mentioned; debates and discussions on religion; a legend is told about Constantine who found a cross, and how he ascended into heaven with angels blowing trumpets and a woman says, "What some people will believe to get them through the day."; corrupt member of the Catholic church; man says he has given up swearing for Lent.


Company: Cinedigm
Director: Paolo Barzman
Producer: Irene Litinsky
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 170 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter