Elevator To Salvation

DVD Release: May 12, 2015


On Christmas Eve, two men enter a mysterious 1930’s elevator by mistake. The men soon realize that the elevator has a mind of its own. Equipped with only the clothes on their backs, they must figure out how to escape every challenge the elevator forces upon them.

Dove Review

“Elevator to Salvation” is both a creative story and a unique film. Two powerful businessmen, Jim and Bob, wind up in an elevator that reverts back to the 1930s. Both men are in need of salvation, and both have had people fired they didn’t care for and have profited financially by manipulating company funds. In the beginning of the movie, Jim comments that his business office was formerly a church for 12 years, and that for 12 years “capitalism was wasted.” But he and Bob wind up in the elevator and a voice from the elevator talks to them, saying things like, “Prepare yourself.” Things become quite interesting and viewers will wonder what comes next. The movie does a great job holding our attention.

Bob begins to find notes in the elevator, written in 1971, 1943, and 1956, and they all tell the same story. Each writer took a horrible elevator ride. All of them had hurt others and didn’t take time to think about God. Bob becomes convinced that God is in control of the elevator, but a skeptical Jim thinks their employees are playing a terrible joke on them to get even for how they have been treated. As the ride becomes scarier and more eye-popping for both, Bob begins to repent and tries to convince Jim to do the same. After all, the word “Repent” is carved into the wood of the elevator and Bob wants Jim to join him in doing just that.

There is a twist at the end and we definitely see the difference this unusual and “divine” elevator ride makes in the lives of two men. We are happy to present our Dove Seal for ages 12 and over to “Elevator to Salvation.” This is one ride you won’t soon forget!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: Morons-1; Lazy dregs-1; Losers-1; a "Jesus freak" comment; H (as a place)-2; character tells another that people have called him a "troll;" Stupid-1; Idiot-1.
Violence: Men grab at each others' throats and attempt to choke each other; they struggle with each other.
Drugs: Man takes prescription medication; in one scene a woman starts to light a cigarette but sees the cross in her car and instead puts gum in her mouth; man admits to using company funds to purchase wine.
Nudity: Cleavage.
Other: Strong tension between two men stuck in elevator together; tattoos on man's arm; men confess to their wrongdoings; frightening elevator ride.


Company: Faith House Pictures
Director: Auturo Gavino
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 83 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter