DVD Release: December 4, 2012


Before Peter became Pan, before Hook became Captain they discovered Neverland.

Step into a realm beyond the edge of imagination in “Neverland,” a wondrous prequel chronicling the origins of some of the most memorable characters of the timeless classic “Peter Pan.” Follow Peter and his gang of misfits as they are mysteriously transported into a parallel world overrun by ruthless pirates, magical tree spirits and the deceitful man who will someday become the infamous Captain Hook.

Dove Review

When you watch “Peter Pan,” have you ever wondered how he got to Neverland or how the feud between him and Hook started? This movie offers the answers. It seems that Peter was an orphan who James Hook got from a work house in London, along with a few other boys. Peter looked up to “Jimmy,” but he was the leader of a band of young thieves who would do anything they were told to do.

But when a special robbery comes to Jimmy, he decides not to let Peter and the boys do the job. Peter, though, wants to keep in Jimmy’s good graces and become his partner, so he takes it upon himself to get the boys and do the job anyway. Little do any of them understand exactly what they are getting themselves into.

Once the object Jimmy is looking for is found, the real adventure in Neverland begins. Although this film is entertaining and answers many question about Peter Pan and the infamous Captain Hook, it has content that cannot be given the Dove Seal.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Long intense kiss; lady pirate and man engage in sex.
Language: H-6; D/Damnation-2; OMG/MG-3; comment regarding Lucifer's demons.
Violence: Cannons shot from ship into another and ship sinks; woman shoots a crystal ball and there is an explosion; boys chasing a little boy; group of boys pickpocket mens' wallets; sword fighting/ sparring; man hit on head; boys try to burglarize a shop; stealing; globe is hit with sword, explosion happens and all disappear; men fall into water and crocodiles eat them; woman grabs man by the throat; young boy is stabbed and falls into water; huge crocodile chases boy; woman explodes, man comments about killing boy's father; man's hand is cut off and crocodile eats it, along with a watch.
Drugs: Comment regarding drinking rum; men are passed out.
Nudity: Some cleavage; woman's bare back is shown; man's bare chest; blurred image of naked boy in water; woman strips off clothes and dives in magic pond.
Other: Comment regarding ruling the world like gods; burial scene where the bodies float into air and then catch fire; magical crystal orb.


Company: Cinedigm
Writer: Nick Willing
Director: Nick Willing
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 169 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe