Mama Floras Family

DVD Release: November 11, 2009


Witness the incredible journey of Flora (Cicely Tyson) in this touching saga based on the novel co-written by Alex Haley. Hoping to save her troubled granddaughter from a turbulent future, Flora recounts her life over almost a century in the American South. Through storytelling, she helps create a better world for herself and her family.

Dove Review

Mama Flora is a woman of intrigue. She was raised in the South during a time steeped in segregation and prejudice. Although she endured many things, the one thing that always helped her through was her faith in God. The wonderful Cicely Tyson portrays Flora in this tale of her life. The story is revealed as matriarch Flora recounts her life to her granddaughter, Diana, who has fallen on hard times. Flora reveals the many struggles and heartbreaks she endured as she tries to set the young woman on a better path.

We cannot rewrite the history of this country, but we can always make good changes as needed. This is a timeless film that describes the racial divide and one family’s struggles. But it also tells of one woman’s faith that got her through the most difficult times in her life—times of loss, danger, war and family troubles. This is an encouraging story of how one woman’s strength and faith influenced her family.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Young woman has sex off scene resulting in pregnancy; child is taken from her and she has to leave town.
Language: Many uses of the n-word; H-2;; For god sakes-2; D-1.
Violence: Man steals cotton; man is shot and dies; woman spanking boys; men grab woman and hold her while they burn church down; men threatening a young man; man is punched by another; scenes of war; man dies in war scene; man is beaten by police and accused of crime he did not commit; man chased by other men; man beaten and shot; young boys threaten elderly woman.
Drugs: Bar scenes; a "joint" is found in man's coat pocket; man drinking from a paper bag; woman with hangover; scene of alcohol bottles, people drinking; comment about moonshine; comment about drugs found in man's apartment; man in hospital.
Nudity: Mild cleavage; man shirtless; woman in short negligee.
Other: Segregation; comments regarding white and "colored" people; many racial slurs that were used in the era; rude attitudes toward others; discussion regarding being Muslim; comments regarding Christianity being a "white man's" religion.


Company: Cinedigm
Director: Peter Werner
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 176 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe