The Circuit

DVD Release: January 5, 2010


Kylie Shines is a beautiful and talented rising star in the male-dominated world of race car driving. When her estranged father, legendary driver Al Shines, is dropped by his team, she jumps at the chance to replace him in the winner’s circle. On her race to the top, she learns about the ruthless world of fast cars, the pressure of love, and the importance of family.

Dove Review

Kylie and her father, Al, are both racers but there is an attitude problem between them. Kylie feels ignored by her father throughout her life, and Al feels that he did his best to pay for her needs. Both are stubborn, although the one other thing they have in common is racing. Neither one is willing to help the other.

When Kylie is given the chance to replace her dad on his former racing team, she jumps at it. Little does she realize that she is being used for a promotional stunt. Then her eyes are opened not only to what is happening, but also to the Dad-and-daughter feud. So the race is on, but who will be the winner of a race between young and old, man and woman, father and daughter?

This movie is about family, relationships and racing. It is entertaining but, unfortunately, due to content that is outside the guideline for Dove it cannot be approved.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Man ogling woman; woman makes sexual comments in front of young children; young unmarried couple have sex off screen; couple kissing; many scenes of unmarried couple in bed together; man caught with another woman.
Language: H-5; D-9; SOB-1; OMG-1; F word mouthed, not heard-1; comments regarding boobs and feminine products.
Violence: Auto crashes; girl punches boy in shoulder.
Drugs: Man drinking from whiskey bottle; many scenes of bars and main characters drinking.
Nudity: Many scenes of women in bikini tops, low cut tops, and dresses; shirtless man in hot tub steps out and is naked off scene.
Other: Rude attitudes between father and daughter; man using family feud to promote racing.


Company: Cinedigm
Director: Peter Werner
Producer: Randy Sutter
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 89 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe