Truman Capotes: One Christmas

DVD Release: October 9, 2007


Eight-year-old Buddy has been living an idyllic existence in rural Alabama with his young-hearted cousin, Sook. But all that is about to change when he’s sent to New Orleans to spend Christmas with the father he barely knows. Through realizing his dad has some terrible problems to overcome, Buddy and his father take the first steps towards becoming a real family during this one Christmas they’ll never forget.

Dove Review

“Truman Capote’s One Christmas” is a delight to watch from start to finish! Henry Winkler and Katharine Hepburn star in this wonderfully-told Yuletide story. The year is 1930 and eight-year-old Buddy lives in Alabama with his elderly cousin Sook. He loves her dearly, but his dad (Winkler) has requested that he come visit him in New Orleans. It is like a different world for Buddy when he arrives by bus. His dad doesn’t have a mustache like he did in his photo, and it is a period of adjustment for both Buddy and his father.

Dad does things like pilfer newspapers without paying for them, takes bets on a race between planes and he loves to flirt with wealthy women so he can convince them to invest in his various schemes. Father and son argue a lot, mainly because Dad refuses to discuss what went wrong with Buddy’s mother and him. She now lives in New York and left Dad to become an actress. One woman, Emily (Swoosie Kurtz), truly loves Buddy’s dad. But does he love her or her money? Can a Christmas miracle happen by movie’s end, with Dad changing his ways and Buddy returning to Alabama and Sook? You will have to watch to find out, but rest assured this is a warm and interesting story and is a perfect film for the holidays. We are pleased to award “One Christmas” our Dove Seal for ages 12+.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: A couple kisses.
Language: OMG-1; D-1.
Violence: Man beats another man and leaves him hurting in the street.
Drugs: Several drinking scenes and a few characters get drunk; man drinks from flask; beer signs are seen posted; smoking in a few scenes, cigarettes.
Nudity: None
Other: Scenes of bookmaking and gambling; tension between father and son and various other characters; Dad yells at son and son yells at a woman; man steals a newspaper a few times but finally changes and pays for one by story's end.


Company: Cinedigm
Director: Tony Bill
Producer: Duane Poole
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 90 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter