Truth Valley

DVD Release: November 24, 2014
Truth Valley


Join Thel (Michelle Reid), a young huntress, as she decides to take the journey to the legendary Truth Valley, a good land that is eternal. But it is a dangerous journey to survive in this action-packed movie. Join the fun characters as they come together and battle a series of dangers and some monstrous beasts on their journey to the valley.

Dove Review

The movie “Truth Valley” does a nice job showing that the Great Almighty, the “Spirit,” helps watch out for us and will one day say “Well done” if we follow His path. This is a fantasy movie and is based in 4700 B.C. The group features Thel (Michelle Reid), Burtok (Jacob Brasser), as well as Tabor and Morga and others. Thel heads to Truth Valley and encounters some young men who become her friends and protectors, although she winds up protecting them a lot. They encounter prehistoric creatures, some with big teeth, in addition to an octopus sort of creature. They use their spears when they have to and there is some blood seen on a ferocious (and animated) creature with big teeth, and some blood is seen on Thel’s arm and cheek and Burtok’s face. There is a humorous scene where Thel grabs a dart in the air, meant to put her to sleep, and tosses it down while boasting they didn’t accomplish their task. She tosses it right on her bare foot and goes to sleep!

I am not sure if the creatures are meant to be funny or if this was the best the filmmakers could do with their budget, but they are obviously not real. However, some blood does spill and one creature’s big teeth could frighten young viewers, so we are recommending this faith-based film for ages twelve plus and awarding it our “Faith-Friendly” Seal. If you are in the mood for a prehistoric adventure and some pretty scenes in the woods, this is the movie for you.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Creature bites another one and brings blood; humans are attacked and there is some blood seen on young woman's arm and face, and on young man's face; spears are thrown; darts are shot and put couple of characters to sleep; in a humorous scene, man hits his friend in the rear with a spear but he is fine.
Drugs: Something in the darts that make characters sleep.
Nudity: Girl's bare shoulder is seen and part of thigh in just a few scenes.
Other: Talk of God in an allegory, as the "Almighty" and "Spirit," and it is suggested one gets closer to Him.


Company: Epic 47 Films, LLC
Director: Jacob Brasser
Producer: Jacob Brasser
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 70 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter