Finding Harmony

Finding Harmony


“Finding Harmony” is the story of Sam (Alison Eastwood), who returns home after the passing of her estranged father and music producer JT Grayson (Ed Bruce). As if dealing with her rebellious teenage daughter Harmony (Anna Margaret) wasn’t enough, upon arrival Sam discovers that her ex-husband, country rock star Casey Colter (Billy Zane), is already there and stirring things up. With the fate of JT’s legacy hanging in the balance, this broken family must decide whether they will continue to live in the past or let the music and the beauty of the Alabama summer heal them.

Dove Review

Harmony comes from an entertainment family, although she has never spent much time with her father, the country rock star, or her grandfather, who was a well-respected music producer. But music is in her blood and all she wants to do is write music and sing. Sam, Harmony’s mother, does not want the young teenager to be part of that world and the two argue about it often.

When Harmony runs away from home and seeks her father’s help, he takes her to the one place that he believes will be good for her: her grandfather JT’s ranch. Although Sam is totally against the idea, before she can arrive there to pick up Harmony, the news comes that JT has passed away. Now the decision about what to do is up to Sam. This is a story about the results that can sometimes happen when forgiveness is not given in a timely manner. It is a family tale about seeing the truth about each other and working together for a better life. Filled with entertaining country music and a heartwarming story, we are proud to award this movie with the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages 12 and older.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Sexual innuendos in song lyrics; couple kissing; young teenagers kissing; man takes three girls into his bus bedroom and is interrupted by teenage daughter.
Language: Lyrics in song: "all I want to do is get in trouble with you tonight;" H-3; Piss & vinegar-1.
Violence: Boy tries to steal truck; boy tries to steal a car; man has heart attack and dies.
Drugs: 16-year-old girl singing in a bar with consequences; man having a smoke; man talks about having cigars and bourbon.
Nudity: Girl getting tattoo on lower midriff; girl in tight T-shirt and very short shorts; boy shirtless; mild cleavage.
Other: Young girl goes against her mother's wishes; disrespectful attitude toward adults; hitch hiking; running away from home; parents arguing over daughter; not giving forgiveness.


Company: Once Upon a Dream Prod. LLC
Writer: Judy Norton
Director: Dagen Merrill
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 100 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe