Wayward: The Prodigal Son

DVD Release: March 2, 2015
Wayward: The Prodigal Son


Prone to wander, Tyler McMillan had it all but never appreciated how good he had it. Always living in the shadow of his over-achieving brother, Tyler asks for his inheritance and gets his wish. He almost loses everything, including his life, while his father keeps tabs on him from a distance, hiding a secret of his own. Although he finds help to get back on his feet, Tyler doubts he can ever return home or find forgiveness, and his time is running out. Can a child stray so far a father’s love can’t save him?

Dove Review

“Wayward: The Prodigal Son” does a terrific job telling a modern prodigal son story. The acting is solid, with Landon Henneman playing Tyler McMillan, the prodigal who has a gambling problem and leaves home only to worsen his lot in life. He takes his inheritance early, $500,000 worth, and heads to Las Vegas where he is soon robbed and then winds up getting deep in debt with a death threat hanging over his head. Tyler’s older brother, Will (excellently played by Blake Webb), is hard on Tyler as he runs the family business and expects more from his brother. Their dad, Robert (Rob Diamond), loves them both and encourages Will to be more patient with his wayward brother. Rob Diamond is superb as the compassionate and patient father. Viewers will truly believe that he would do anything to get his son back home, safe and sound.

Another prodigal in the story is Annabelle, played by Crystal Udy, a prostitute in Las Vegas who had a Christian upbringing and whose loving father waits at home for her return as well. Annabelle and Tyler’s lives intertwine in interesting ways. The movie plainly shows the gambling, drinking, and rebellious living of Tyler, but the ending is priceless. We are most happy to award this film our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages twelve plus. The movie clearly demonstrates that God is a God of second chances.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Kissing; prostitute accompanies Tyler to his hotel room but he is drunk and passes out; woman tells man that if he buys her a drink that he might "get lucky."
Language: D-2; Bull-1; Moron-1; Crap-1; H-4.
Violence: Man punches man and is hit with a bottle by woman; guns held on a few characters.
Drugs: Drinking and bar scenes in a few scenes; man smokes cigar; man is given a pill which he takes and he later vomits, and also winds up making a commitment to the Lord.
Nudity: Cleavage in a few scenes; woman in a short dress; shirtless man in boxers.
Other: Man gambles a lot; tension and arguments between characters; death and grief; man vomits; in a brief scene a sick man is seen spitting up blood; man with tattoos.


Company: Cedar Fort Entertainment
Writer: Rob Diamond
Director: Rob Diamond
Producer: Rob Diamond
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 93 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter