DVD Release: August 4, 2015


Jesus combined diverse people and assorted stories to change the world! Now, He wants to use you! When the students of Rosewood High School lose their theater, music and dance departments due to budgets cuts, they create their own. Struggling to find the right script, music & choreography the students get advice from an uncommon source; the Bible! Each student becomes uniquely influenced as they discover that God takes them personally. Equipped with unique talents, they bond together to prepare the perfect production by exploring the diversity of parables taught in the Bible. Fighting overwhelming challenges, the teens fight against political correctness to defend their privilege to worship, meet and perform. Will months of constant bullying by the establishment defeat the production and dismantle their faith? Armed with expert legal counsel and unexpected help from Christian music’s finest, these teens realize what it means to be…UNCOMMON!

Dove Review

“Uncommon” is uncommonly good! It draws the viewer in and keeps the viewer’s attention as it deals with a very modern issue: what kind of rights do Christians have in public schools? The story is interesting and the actors do a good job, particularly Erik Estrada as Mark Garcia, Ben Davies as Aaron Chase, Courtney Buck as Hailey Morgan, Don Brooks as Mr. Stephens and Irma P. Hall as Shirley Dailey.

Aaron Chase survives a shooting at his high school but his brother Chris is killed. He and his mother move in with relatives and he begins attending a new school. He is immediately challenged by Mr. Stephens, a teacher who doesn’t cater to positive comments about Christianity. Aaron speaks up on behalf of Christians and Mr. Stephens likes his boldness. But when Aaron starts a Christian Bible study at school, Mr. Stephens angrily tears down the announcement about the study from the bulletin board. The plot thickens and soon Aaron and a girl named Hailey are attracted to each other. Hailey hopes for a future in drama, but then the school drama budget is completely cut. Aaron comes up with the idea to do a play based on Bible stories. And the custodian, Mr. Garcia, agrees to help because they need an employee of the school to oversee it. Mr. Stephens and the school principal challenge this idea and soon it is headed to court. A lawyer defending the students argues that the Constitution promises freedom to express religious beliefs, not deny them.

There are genuinely funny moments in the movie and the resolution is nicely handled. Scenes of the high school teens helping seniors at a retirement home are heartwarming. We are happy to award “Uncommon” our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages twelve plus. The themes of sticking to one’s beliefs, fighting for what is right, and having fun along the way are good ones. This one has earned five Doves, our best rating. This uncommonly good film will inspire viewers everywhere!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Boy kisses girl on the cheek.
Language: Geeks-1; Old Fool-1; Geezer-1; Fuddy Duddy-1; Square-1.
Violence: Young man enters high school with a rifle and we learn that a few students were killed; guy shoves another guy; guy throws another guy against a locker; guy grabs other guy by throat.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Mild cleavage in a couple of scenes.
Other: Death and grief; high school teacher speaks against God and Christianity as do a few other teachers; tension between characters; girl lies; girl takes her cross off her neck while facing a crisis, but she puts it back on.


Company: Capitol Christian Distribution
Director: Bill Rahn
Producer: Bill Rahn
Genre: Inspirational
Runtime: 106 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter