Seventh Son

Theatrical Release: February 6, 2015
Seventh Son


In a time of enchantment when legends and magic collide, the sole remaining warrior of a mystical order (Oscar® winner Jeff Bridges) travels to find a prophesized hero born with incredible powers, the last Seventh Son (Ben Barnes). Torn from his quiet life as a farmhand, the unlikely young hero embarks on a daring adventure with his battle-hardened mentor to vanquish a dark queen (Julianne Moore) and the army of supernatural assassins she has dispatched against their kingdom.

Dove Review

“The Seventh Son” is a movie with a medieval feel and filled with good battling evil. A “spook” or knight, Gregory (Jeff Bridges), takes on an apprentice in Thomas Ward (Ben Barnes) to combat the evil witch Mother Malkin (Julianne Moore). To complicate matters, Thomas falls in love with the beautiful young Alice (Alicia Vikander), who is Malkin’s niece.

The movie is atmospheric, full of scenes such as Gregory riding a horse through a rainy, creepy and dark forest. Conversely, a beautiful mountain landscape and rushing waterfalls are seen in other parts of the film. The film features Master Gregory growing weary and wishing to pass the torch to Thomas. The viewer also learns a surprising secret involving Gregory and Mother Malkin.

The movie dazzles with special effects, such as witches burned and turning into skeletons before disintegrating entirely, and large monstrous creatures on the prowl. However, therein lies part of the problem: the film is strong in the violence and sex categories, thus making us unable to award the movie our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Possible suggestive comment from a woman about what is a man going to do with her once he rescues her; implied sex between a couple seen in bed, although the man appears clothed and the woman's bare shoulder is seen, and they kiss while in bed; kissing scenes between a couple.
Language: F-1; D-2; H-2; a possible "For G's Sake"-1.
Violence: Supernatural beings burn and sometimes their skeletons are seen when they are killed; character is burned and the burn and cracked skin is seen; character uses her long fingernail to impale another character and this draws blood; blood seen on a man's shirt; man's shoulder and leg is cut and some blood is seen; several characters die from knives or swords; blade bloodies a man's side; a bit of blood seen on a woman; a few other characters are seen with blood; corpses seen on ground.
Drugs: Drinking in several scenes including a character seen with a flask more than once; tavern scenes.
Nudity: Cleavage in a few scenes and a few times it is strong; woman's bare shoulders seen in a swimming pool.
Other: Character mentions blood cakes, and she eats some that have worms crawling about in them; a few characters are heard but not seen urinating; tension between characters; death and grief; witches and possession of characters, such as that of a ten-year-old, as well as the killing of witches.


Company: Universal Pictures
Director: Sergei Bodrov
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 102 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter