Wait Till Its Free

DVD Release: September 9, 2014
Wait Till Its Free


“Wait Till It’s Free” is an entertaining and provocative look at the current healthcare crisis. This film takes a hard and honest look at the way we do healthcare in America by looking at every relevant aspect of modern medicine, from the escalating cost of health insurance to the move towards universal government healthcare. The film asks what kind of alternatives there are for families caught between expensive insurance-based coverage and the “free” government solutions. The film explores the alternatives for individuals, churches, and families, and offers moving and enlightening stories about those who have chosen to follow innovative and independent approaches to healthcare.

Dove Review

“Wait Till It’s Free” will make you think! It is about America’s health care problems and how some families are being hit with bills for over $30,000! A pastor from Shelby, Michigan—Jeff Swanson and his wife Kelle— share how there were complications with the birth of their daughter, Claudia. She had spina bifida and they got one bill for $20,430.66. Total bills added up to over $300,000! Roger Stuber, a self-employed builder from Illinois, had seizures and wound up with a bill for nearly $70,000. Fortunately for both the Swansons and Mr. Stuber, an organization called Samaritan Ministries in Illinois was an answer to prayer.

Colin Gunn is the writer, producer and director of this piece featuring scenes, archival footage of various U.S. presidents, and comments from people in the health care field including physicians. Mr. Gunn takes the viewer behind the scenes to learn about ObamaCare and the many complications in today’s health care services. Not everyone will agree with all of the comments. For example, some believe that employers should not be responsible for any part of providing health care. And one man states that the group that is most often obese are Christians.

Time magazine columnist Steven Brill states that the buyer of health care has no power. Actual hospital costs are shown, including the astonishing fact that one person was charged $88 for gauze pads, which cost considerably less when purchased at CVS Pharmacy or Walgreens. He says that the least able, pay the most. Dr. Tony Dale, a Karris Group physician, speaks of free enterprise without government interference and says it is almost impossible in America to check the price of health care procedures. The documentary features historical decisions by Presidents Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George Bush.

Some facts are a revelation, such as that the ObamaCare book with its laws and procedures is thirteen times larger than the Bible! Controversial topics are examined such as health care coverage that includes abortions. Other topics feature how long some people wait to get appointments in Scotland and the U.K. as well as the United States. And, shockingly, there are financial incentives for some hospital deaths that focus on the elderly. In fact, neglect and over medication seem to be the norm in some systems. Also, the possibility is raised that in the future people over age 67 may not be able to have heart surgery in the U.S. A Christian woman doctor in Texas has a cash-only policy and charges reasonable rates for her services.

This documentary is informative and peels away the layers of the current health care system. We are pleased to award “Wait Till It’s Free” our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages twelve plus. This one is most educational!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: Cigarettes seen in ash tray; man seen smoking; scene of a man about to light up; it's mentioned in one place that people drink a lot and abuse drugs and in one scene a man is helped up off the street; photos of people drinking.
Nudity: None
Other: One girl in a video clip says, "Hail Satan;" controversial health care views.


Company: Gunn Productions LLC
Writer: Colin Gunn
Director: Colin Gunn
Producer: Colin Gunn
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 82 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter