End Times Eyewitness

DVD Release: October 27, 2014
End Times Eyewitness


“End Times Eyewitness” takes you on a firsthand journey into the heart of the biblical world, to the front lines of the ongoing Middle East revolutions to discover the shocking answers to a number of questions. Filmed in several nations and featuring the testimonies of global Christian leaders, pastors, theologians, and missionaries—as well as some of the most prominent Islamic scholars in the world—”End Times Eyewitness” reveals which biblical prophecies of the last days are being fulfilled on the earth today and what is coming next.

Dove Review

“End Time Eyewitness” is an eye opener! Some viewers will be amazed to learn how often current world events line up with Scripture. Writer and director Joel Richardson presents a plausible scenario when pointing to the age we live in as the one leading up to the return of the Lord to Earth. Joining him are world leaders and theologians who share their insights and what they believe.

Allen Hood, associate director of the International House of Prayer, speaks of apocalyptic events and mentions how the early church focused a great deal on end-time events. As missionary Jesse Digges says: “The entire gospel is rooted in prophetic testimony.” Richardson asks the question, “What should we be looking for?” Several signs are presented as they pertain to the Bible, including the first one: Israel becoming a nation in 1948.

Archival footage showing unrest and violence in the Middle East presents a troubled area that needs a Messiah. The Dome of the Rock is presented in an interesting way, with references to the temple being used once again by the Jews according to the book of Daniel, and even a Muslim leader speaks of both Muslims and Jews using the same temple. A Muslim leader also speaks about what Islam has to say concerning eschatological events. Incorporated into the documentary is the fact that many ministers of the past, including Charles Spurgeon, predicted that Israel would return to its homeland. The documentary features paintings of biblical figures, footage from Israel, and insight from pastors and theologians to present a very fascinating documentary.

Due to some footage of violence, we are awarding our “Faith-Friendly” 12+ Seal to “End Times Eyewitness.” If you have any curiosity about what the Bible says will happen and what the future holds, this is the movie for you!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: H (as the Biblical place)-1.
Violence: Scenes of violence including people shooting at others; tanks and explosions; gas is released on people and a comment about water cannons being used on people; talk of bloodshed; woman seen on stretcher and she is bleeding at the chest; man seen bleeding and a soldier with a rifle stands next to him.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Artwork of demons; swastikas are seen painted on tombstones and comments about anti-Semitism are made; "White Power" sign is seen; the tension between different religions is mentioned.


Company: WND.Com
Director: Joel Richardson
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 65 min.
Starring: Walter C. Kaiser Jr., Adnan Oktar, Sheikh Ekrima Said Sabri, Rabbi Yehuda Glick, Mike Bickle
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter