DVD Release: June 25, 2013


WND Films and Emmy-winning filmmaker Stan Moore present a riveting new feature-length film documentary, “Disinformation: The Secret Strategy to Destroy the West.” It’s the amazing, true story of a top Soviet bloc spy chief who, at great risk, left the “dark side” to shine a light on the greatest source of political evil in today’s world. Living in the U.S. under a protected identity due to assassination threats, Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa reveals the secret strategies that, to this day, are undermining and destroying Western civilization. The documentary includes rare interviews, dramatic footage and high-level insider information.

Ronald J. Rychlak, professor, University of Mississippi School of Law; James Woolsey, former director, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency; Michael Maloof, former security policy analyst, U.S. Department of Defense; Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, terrorism expert and director of American Center for Democracy; David Horowitz, David Horowitz Freedom Center; David Kupelian, vice president and managing editor, WND; Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, United States Army(retired); Yuri Yarim-Agaev, physicist and Soviet dissident; Wayne Barnes, former agent, FBI; Roger L. Simon, novelist and Academy-Award-nominated screenwriter; Arnaud de Borchgrave, journalist, author and specialist in international politics; Nina Khrushcheva, associate professor, New School, N.Y., and great-granddaughter of Nikita Khrushchev

Dove Review

“Disinformation” is an eye-opening documentary. It chronicles the defection of Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa from communist Romania after being assigned a political assassination. Pacepa decided he had had enough and traveled to America for asylum. He cooperated with American officials in sharing secret information regarding the communist party. He also lived with death threats from Russia and Romania. His book “Red Horizons” exposed the corrupt governments and made him a target.

This insightful, two-disc set features Ronald J. Rychlak, professor at the University of Mississippi School of Law, and James Woolsey, former director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, as well as others. It features archived video clips of Presidents Truman, Kennedy, Carter, Reagan, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. It looks at the disinformation that has been purposely leaked to our country, and propaganda from other countries, in order to bring Marxist thinking across our borders. Clips of various Soviet leaders are shown including Lenin, Stalin, and Marx. The documentary shows decisions made by recent U.S. leadership that supports the idea that things have changed radically in our country. As Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, director of the American Center for Democracy, puts it (she came to this country when President Reagan was in office), “This is not the same country, absolutely not.”

Although there is a faith message in this video, with comments shared by Pacepa himself about praying to God for forgiveness for past deeds and for strength, the documentary features archived footage of people being assassinated, bodies seen hanging, bodies in gas ovens in Germany, corpses strewn on the ground, and scenes of terrorist acts and bloody people. Therefore we are awarding it our “Faith-Based” Seal. This documentary may shock some viewers, but will also educate regarding in what direction this country is currently moving. As Winston Churchill said and is quoted in the film, there are challenges to the Christian civilization and this documentary does a good job making that point.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Talk of moral decay including sexual immorality.
Language: The words "H" and "D" are seen on signs; man says at a religious rally, "Not God bless America, but God D*** America."
Violence: Several archived violent scenes including clips of being shot and killed; bodies seen hanging and a few are fairly close views; bodies in gas ovens; corpses; the military using billy clubs; missiles, explosions and fires; tanks; some blood seen on a few people who have been wounded or are dead; flag and sign burnings as well as a dummy burning; planes hit by military and they are seen on fire; photo of human skulls; sword seen with blood on it.
Drugs: Archived news clip of a man smoking a marijuana cigarette; drinking of vodka; clips or photos of people smoking cigarettes or cigars.
Nudity: A brief clip of nude corpses that includes frontal male and female nudity; women dancing and revealing bare midriffs.
Other: Lies and propaganda of various countries and people; disagreements between people; corpses of skinny, starved people are shown; comments about those who are anti-Semitic and anti-American; bodies seen in caskets.


Company: WND.Com
Writer: Stan Moore
Director: Stan Moore
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 120 min.
Starring: See synopsis
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter