Bugtime Adventures: Scare Tactics

DVD Release: July 29, 2003
Bugtime Adventures: Scare Tactics


The Story of Gideon vs. the Midianites. An angel tells Gideon he has been chosen by God to save the Israelites from the Midianites. Despite his doubts, Gideon follows God’s precise instructions in leading a small army into battle against the Midianites, and the Israelites are victorious. In Bugglesville, a large scorpion named Sickle has taken over the town’s food store. All the bugs are afraid of him, but their attempts to force him out fail. They finally decide to listen to Megan and Wally’s idea and are able to get rid of the scorpion without using violence.

Dove Review

“Bugtime Adventures” always brings a wonderful story from the Bible to life through the eyes of bugs. In this episode, as Gideon is chosen by God to fight the Midianites and save his people, the bugs from Bugglesville have to save their village from a mean scorpion, Sickle, that has taken over.

Here is a charming story that teaches that violence is not the way to solve problems. As God proves to Gideon, he is the one to lead his people. He also shows Gideon the way to overcome his enemies without thousands of men with swords. But the bugs also learn that trying to get rid of Sickle is easier when they find out that Sickle is afraid of the dark, and violence will not chase him away.

This adventure teaches that one must have faith in God and finding peaceful ways to overcome conflicts is a good plan. The Dove “Faith-Friendly” Seal for all ages is awarded to this Bugtime tale.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Scorpion smashes bugs' homes.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Cinedigm
Director: Bruno John
Producer: Bruno John
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 25 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe