Gallows Road

DVD Release: August 4, 2015
Gallows Road


Gallows Road is a story of choices. Loss and heartbreak challenges a man to forgive the unforgivable.

An evil act takes the lives of a man’s wife and children. Despaired he retreats to isolation. He is done with God and men. Two children discover him and their friendship begins to penetrate his soul.

Can he rise above the ashes and learn to forgive or will he seek revenge? Ask and ye shall receive… seek and ye shall find.

Dove Review

“Gallows Road” does a terrific job showing that forgiveness is possible even in the most difficult situations. It also clearly demonstrates that a person can redeem bad decisions by making good ones.

Ernie Hudson does a great job playing Bob Collins, a family man with a wife and two kids. He’s happy because he is about to open a new store in town with his brother Seth (Marcus M. Mauldin). However, two rowdies in town named Snake Cain (Rett Terrell) and his brother Matty (Frank Mosley) plan to thwart the opening of the store. Their father previously owned the business and, on top of their jealousy of Bob and Seth now owning the store, they are prejudiced to boot. They also have the sheriff, Joe Cain (Brent Anderson), a relative, in their pocket.

They pull a local man, Jake Knight (Bill McAdams Jr.), unwittingly into their scheme and when tragedy results from the Cain brothers’ anger, Jake is prevented from interceding on Bob’s behalf. His conscience eats away at him and he turns to the bottle for relief. Ultimately he finds a strong friend and gets spiritual advice from his boss, Frank Thompson (Kevin Sorbo). Although a showdown seems inevitable, Jake is determined to stand up for what is right and to make sure Bob Collins is not harassed any more.

We are pleased to award our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for ages twelve plus to this movie. “Gallows Road” is, despite its title, a movie about life and hope. It shows compellingly the powerful freedom that comes with forgiving one’s enemy.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Innuendo between husband and wife, intimating that they are going to have a good time together.
Language: Geez-2; "stones" used for testicles.
Violence: House is purposely burned down and people die; shootings and some blood is seen; man has a knife thrown at him that hits his chest; fist fight; man is struck with gun; man is run off the road in his truck, is in an accident and some blood seen on his head; sheriff holds gun on an innocent man but is stopped from shooting him; dad slaps his daughter but apologizes; dog that was killed is seen in a garbage can; woman slaps man.
Drugs: Drinking by a few characters; man drinks and drives; man drinks on his job and is sent home; bar scenes; man asks, "What is this, church? Who wants to drink with the brotherhood?" at a bar; smoking.
Nudity: Cleavage.
Other: Two brothers are prejudiced and talk about two men and "their kind;" tension and arguments between characters; death and grief; man deals with anger and says, "I'm done with God" but he changes.


Company: ARC Entertainment
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 104 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter