DVD Release: July 16, 2013


People have been asking questions about God since the dawn of humankind—and humanity’s disagreements about the nature of God have often led to ethnic and religious warfare, the suppression of women, and the debasing of human dignity. Many religions have created rituals and dogmas that separate one from the other, and cling to the belief that only they have the “one truth.” But are any of them actually right? Can the true essence of God ever truly be understood or explained? “iGOD” traces how the various belief systems about God have evolved into what they are today, and then delves into the many questions about God that so many people have asked throughout history. Perhaps through this exploration we can finally begin to understand what God really is, what God wants, why we are here and how we can create a better world both for ourselves and future generations.

Dove Review

“iGod” does a good job looking at various religions and asking people important questions including, “Do you believe in God?” This documentary considers the topics of good and evil in the world, suffering, faith, various religions, absolute truth, and different names used for God. Interestingly enough, the answers are every bit as varied as the questions.

God is examined through the lens of the Bible, but also by those who hold to Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, as well as a Spiritualist, Shaman, Wiccan Priestess, and so on. Baptist Pastor Les Smith, when asked about the existence of God, states, “The evidence is overwhelming.” In fact, most people in this film believe in God’s existence. Morality and civil law are examined, as is the question of whether God is a God of judgment and what will happen in the afterlife. The slant of this video seems to tilt toward New Age thinking with its encouragement to not fear but to look for the God within. Yet it does not do more than just encourage people to be open minded and to consider other possibilities. Those strong in Judeo/Christian beliefs will probably not be tempted to change their mindset, but we do want to note the slant of the film. It does a good job asking several Christians what they think, as well as those who adhere to other beliefs.

We are pleased to award our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to this film, and we are pleased that the topic of God is examined in this documentary. One thing it will do: force viewers to ask themselves what they believe and why.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Marriage is mentioned including a scene with a bride and groom and one with two women holding hands; couple kisses.
Language: For G's Sake-1; H (as a place)-8.
Violence: Mention of the evil of a boy being shot or kids molested.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Shirtless men in drawings; statue of shirtless male god; woman seen from behind in a bikini; cleavage; kids in swimwear.
Other: Some state they do not believe in God or a God of judgment, while some say they believe in God but not the God of the Bible; pantheism—the belief in many gods—is mentioned; karma and reincarnation are mentioned; tattoos on people; comments about evolution and God wanting man to look for the divine within; God is referred to as "she" several times; a few do not believe in Satan.


Company: Cinedigm
Writer: Neale Donald Walsch; Jonathan Friedman; Robert Friedman
Producer: Neale Donald Walsch; Robert Friedman; Rashmi Khilnani
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 80 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter