Bugtime Adventures: Volume 1

DVD Release: May 9, 2006
Bugtime Adventures: Volume 1


Bugtime Adventures interleaves legendary historical events described in the Bible with fictional stories of a community of bugs who live nearby in Bugglesville. The show is produced by Lightning Bug Flix.Generally, the real Bible event is paralleled in some way by the fictional bug story.

Here is the list of episodes below:
1.”Blessing in Disguise” – The Joseph Story. Both Joseph and Antoni the ant have to make a choice between revenge or forgiveness.
2.”A Giant Problem” – The David Story. David’s courage facing Goliath inspires Megan the ant to fix the leaking dam.
3.”Against the Wall” – The Rahab Story. The Hebrews and the bugs face obstacles on their paths.
4.”You’re All Wet” – The Elijah Story. A drought affects the Hebrews and the bugs.
5.“Construction Woes” – The Tower of Babel Story. Nimrod starts building the tower of Babel, while the bugs have a project of their own.
6.“Not to Bee” – The Esther Story. Haman tricks the king into agreeing to kill the Israelites, while Megan rescues a bee who plans to destroy Bugglesville.
7.“A Lot to Swallow” – The Jonah Story. The ants wind up with Jonah inside the whale.
8.“It’s the Pits” – The Daniel Story. The bugs are inspired by Daniel’s courage in the lions’ den.
9.“What’s a Manna with You?” – The Story of Moses and Manna from Heaven. The Hebrews ask Moses for something to eat, but are disappointed by the manna.
10.“Joy to the World” – The Christmas Story. The bugs witness the birth of Jesus Christ.
11.“Riding for a Fall” – The Story of Elisha healing Naaman. Naaman doesn’t want to follow Elisha’s instructions for curing his leprosy.
12.“Keep the Trust” – The Story of Samson and Delilah. Samson fails to keep the secret of his superhuman strength, while Antoni the ant fails to keep Gina’s secret.
13.“Scare Tactics” – The Story of Gideon vs. the Midianites. Gideon is apprehensive about leading the Hebrews in battle against the Midianites, while the bugs are afraid to fight a scorpion who’s taken over their town.

Dove Review

“Bugtime Adventures” are wonderful stories from the Bible that are told through the eyes of bugs. Each 30-minute adventure will captivate the entire family and bring the tale to life for all to enjoy. The Bugtime Adventures not only tell stories from the Bible, but also teaches valuable lessons and following God’s plan. We are proud to award this episode of Bugtime Adventures with the Dove “Faith-Friendly” Seal for all ages.

“Blessing in Disguise” – Joseph is the Governor and his brothers, who betrayed him, have come to the palace to have a meal. He explains to a servant about his brothers and what they did to him. Joseph comes to the conclusion to forgive them. Antoni the ant gets bullied into showing off at a picnic and everyone laughs at him, so he decides to get revenge on Roderick. Then Antoni decides revenge is not good and tries to save Roderick from the catapult goop which instead hits Antoni. Your children learn the bible story and how the values can be used in their own lives

“A Giant Problem” – This episode is about the story of David and Goliath. As we all know, it was David’s faith that helped him defeat Goliath. This bug adventure is one of having faith in yourself to try things that might help others. I love to watch “Bugtime Adventures” because it shows a Bible story and how beliefs and faith can get you through everyday life.

“Against the Wall” – two stories, one Bible story and the story surrounding the bugs. The story of Rahab in the city of Jericho and a story of a group of bugs on a trip to a new home. The bugs keep trying different ways to get over the wall and learn that with patience and friendship, you can overcome anything.

“You’re All Wet” – As Elijah challenges the prophets of the false god Baal to determine which god the people should follow, the bugs have to decide if Roderick will be their new major.

“Construction Woes” – This adventure is the story of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, and how Antoni, the little ant of Bugglesville, helps the town when pride gets in the way of doing the right thing.

“Not to Bee” – As the story of Esther relates how she saved the Hebrew people thanks to courage to confront the king, Megan has to find the same courage to save her little bug village from the terrible bees that have taken it over. Esther and Megan both overcome their fear and face dangerous circumstances to save others.

“A Lot to Swallow” – This is the story of Jonah and the whale thanks to two little ants and a caterpillar that find themselves in Jonah’s sack. Jonah has decided to go in the opposite direction rather than follow what God has asked him to do. Along the way our little friends also learn a lot about themselves. It also teaches lessons about helping others—including your enemies—asking for mercy, and following God’s plan.

“It’s the Pits” – Megan, Antoni and the gang are trying to gather food for the town, but the direction they take is not one to be proud of when the truth of it comes to light. The bugs realize their mistake and have to do the right thing no matter the consequences, much like Daniel did.

“What’s a Manna with You?” – As Moses encourages his people to have faith in God to provide for them, Megan is also impatient for Antoni to build her a cooling system in her back yard. Just as God keeps his promise to his people to provide food and water, Anthony tried to keep his promise to do all the jobs he said he would. Everyone learns valuable lessons about being impatient, having doubt, keeping promises and having faith, but most of all being content with what they have.

“Joy to the World” – When there is a fire in Bugglesville, the major picks Antoni and Megan and two others to go in search of a new spot to rebuild their town. An angel comes to visit Mary to tell her the great news that she is to be the mother of God’s son. Both Mary and Joseph and the little bugs have to have faith and understanding that everything will work out.

“Riding for a Fall” – This episode teaches about following directions and doing as you are told, as Naaman tries to find healing from a terrible disease and the little group of bugs go to find hard wood for the new library.Both Naaman and the bugs learn a valuable lesson about the importance of doing exactly what you are told.

“Keep the Trust” – In this episode Delilah tries to find out the secret of Samson’s strength, and Anthony the ant learns what trust is. Delilah keeps tricking Samson into telling her his secret until he finally gives in. As the bugs prepare for founders day, Anthony finds out Jeanna’s secret of being afraid to fly, and he loses her trust when he tells others.

“Scare Tactics” – Here is a charming story that teaches that violence is not the way to solve problems. As God proves to Gideon, he is the one to lead his people. He also shows Gideon the way to overcome his enemies without thousands of men with swords. But the bugs also learn that trying to get rid of Sickle is easier when they find out that Sickle is afraid of the dark, and violence will not chase him away. This adventure teaches that one must have faith in God and finding peaceful ways to overcome conflicts is a good plan.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: none
Language: Children are called brats
Violence: Scorpion smashes bugs' homes; Man thrown in lions' den; taking something that does not belong to you; a fire; man is threatened; woman is dragged away by guards
Drugs: none
Nudity: Animated man in water in his wrap
Other: Pride has consequences; Keeping secrets and not telling the truth; being deceiving to others to get what one wants;Men on ship pray to their gods; not following God's request


Company: Lightning Bug Flix
Director: Bruno John
Producer: Bruno John
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 325 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe