DVD Release: April 3, 2015


A Mysterious man holds a pastor hostage in his own home, forcing him to practice what he preaches.

Dove Review

This film explores forgiveness not only for people who harm you, but also the forgiveness that God has given to each of us. Pastor Pete endures an unforgettable situation from a man he once counselled. This man is out for vengeance and causes great pain and destruction to the pastor’s life. Will he forgive him?

A suspenseful story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The violence in this movie, though realistic, is rather strong at times including the torture that the pastor had to endure. Due to the extreme content in this film we award it the Faith Based Seal with a caution to the audience.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Married couple in bed; couple kisses; pastor forced to tell wife and another couple that he is addicted to porn; discussion regarding man cheating on wife.
Language: Stupid; Shoot; idiot; bast.rd-2; twit; coward.
Violence: An unknown man stalking a pastor; man tells pastor he has kidnapped his son and will kill him; picture emailed to pastor with man holding gun to baby; man steals all of the pastor's money; man forces pastor's wife to commit suicide to save son; blood on floor; man tells pastor he is killing the pastor's son and then gun shot is heard; pastor vomits when he sees his dead baby in car (baby not seen on screen); pastor fights with man; man tells pastor that he killed baby; flashback scene where woman is holding gun in mouth, shot is heard; pastor and man fight; man tries to force pastor to shoot him.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Vengence; forcing others to do something; blackmailing; comment regarding wife and child leaving man; discussion about losing family in a car accident; pastor visiting prison; blaming others for a situation; blaming God and a pastor; accusation that pastors do not live what they preach.