Perpetua: Early Church Martyr

DVD Release: June 9, 2009
Perpetua: Early Church Martyr


This young mother, along with other new believers, held firm in her faith against the Roman Empire and paid the ultimate price with her life.

Dove Review

Born into a high-class family in the second century, Perpetua led a pampered Roman life. However, when she learned of the gospel of Jesus Christ and began to study the Christian faith, she decided to give up her luxury and only identify as a Christian. At this time, being a Christian was illegal in Rome. Perpetua and her small group of fellow believers were tried and then sentenced to “death by wild beasts” because they refused to denounce their faith in Christ.

“Perpetua: Early Church Martyr” chronicles her story from her own written words, which she kept in a personal journal. Though she had a nursing infant son, whom she cared for, and an unbelieving father who begged her to give up her faith so she could live, she held strong to her convictions and received encouragement from her fellow believers and through God-given visions. Ultimately, she sacrificed her life joyfully and courageously. As one of the first recorded women to become a martyr for Christ, Perpetua solidified her faith, through her death, as an inspirational example for Christians then and for generations to come.

The Dove Foundation recommends “Perpetua: Early Church Martyr” to viewers of all backgrounds who are interested in history and awards it the Faith Friendly Seal of Approval for ages 12 and up.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: none
Language: none
Violence: Story told of early Christian martyrs’ violent death by wild animals and sword in a Roman coliseum; non-graphic drawings shown to depict the coliseum scene.
Drugs: none
Nudity: none
Other: Martyrs were asked to worship demons in the form of false pagan idols


Company: Gateway Films / Vision Video
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 61 min.
Starring: Dr. Rex Butler, Dr. John Mark Yeats
Reviewer: Caitlin Meadows