John Wesley: The Faith That Sparked the Methodist Movement

DVD Release: June 10, 2014
John Wesley: The Faith That Sparked the Methodist Movement


This documentary traces the story of John Wesley, the 18th century evangelist and social reformer who launched the worldwide Methodist movement. Using excerpts from the 2010 dramatic film, “Wesley,” by John Jackman, plus interviews with experts and on-location footage shot in Wesley’s England, this program takes viewers inside the world of this influential Christian leader.

Dove Review

John Wesley has influenced the course of the church like few others. His early life was driven by a fear of God’s judgment and a deep desire to live as a moral man. He lived with a longing to serve God and do good, but he knew deep in his heart he could not.

As a young man, Wesley was influenced by another great reformer of the faith, Martin Luther, whose writings were pivotal in Wesley’s life. He began to understand the message of grace through faith instead of works. Set free from his personal struggle to live a self-righteous life, he possessed a deep desire to impact the church with the message of grace and forgiveness. He often met opposition and defeat, as many were not willing to hear the words of this passionate man. However, Wesley’s influence as a social reformer and evangelist launched the Methodist movement whose worldwide influence continues to this day.

Using excerpts from the 2010 film, “Wesley,” along with commentary and footage shot in England, this well-presented documentary chronicles the life and legacy of a great man who continues to change the world today. We are pleased to award this film the Dove “Faith Friendly” seal of approval for viewers of all ages.

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Company: Gateway Films / Vision Video
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 55 min.
Starring: Rev. Dr. Claire Potter, David Worthington
Reviewer: Nancy Bouwens