DVD Release: April 16, 2013


“Pedal-Driven” delves into the escalating conflict between mountain bikers who are hungry to ride and the federal land managers charged with protecting the public lands. The documentary will take you behind both sides of this confrontation – riding with the free riders and chasing them down with the rangers – in an exploration of issues increasingly important to all Americans. With an ever-increasing population and a finite supply of unspoiled wildlands, the sense of urgency around protecting and preserving these national treasures only grows. “Pedal-Driven” examines the shared philosophies of stewardship and sustainability from both sides and, ultimately, offers examples of the ways in which opposing factions can find common ground in defense of our common grounds.

Dove Review

The United States Forest Service is dedicated to protecting and preserving our national parks to ensure they remain intact for the enjoyment of current and future generations. But who decides how people should enjoy these forests? For years, mountain bicycle enthusiasts have pursued their passion, even when they’ve had to break the law. Building mountain bike trails in national parks is illegal, but mountain bikers have long been at a loss for adequate trails to ride. As a result, they illegally build trails and deal with the consequences later. “Pedal Driven: A Bikeumentary” tells the story of how these well-meaning mountain bikers and the United States Forest Service come together to meet their shared goal of making our forests a natural sanctuary for all to enjoy.

The answer to their differences came through the ultimate shared goal of sustaining the nation’s forests. To properly sustain these natural preserves, both groups needed to determine a compromise that would ensure the utilization of these lands in a way that would encourage their social benefit, environmental well-being, and economical success. When the mountain biking community began forming official organizations, the government was able to work with them to overcome their differences and create legal trails within national parks.

This “Bikeumentary” gives the viewer an unbiased look at two differing groups who were able to team up and accomplish a better outcome than either could have accomplished alone. “Pedal Driven” is an American success story and worth watching for its educational and entertainment value. The Dove Foundation awards this film the Dove seal of approval for ages 12 and older, due to some suggestive dancing and suggestive background songs with lyrics that are difficult to understand.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Females dance in a mildly provocative manner
Language: “Hell”-1 (in song), “Oh G” – 1, “Darn” – 1, very clear suggestive language in song
Violence: None
Drugs: : A background song mentions smoking a cigarette, a background song talks about consequences of drinking alcohol, people hold alcoholic beverages
Nudity: A music video shows female dancers with bare midriffs and short skirts
Other: Various songs played in the background contain lyrics that are difficult to understand, which may contain mature themes or language.


Company: Cinedigm
Writer: Jamie Howell
Director: Jamie Howell
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 64 min.
Reviewer: Caitlin Meadows