VeggieTales: Sweetpea Beauty: A Girl After God’s Own Heart (2010)

DVD Release: July 20, 2010
VeggieTales: Sweetpea Beauty: A Girl After God’s Own Heart (2010)


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the truest heart of all? Once upon a time, there lived a royally sour blueberry, a fair rhubarb maiden and a dastardly deceptive mirror! Sweetpea Beauty knows that what’s on the inside is what matters most, but insecure Queen Blueberry can’t see past her own reflection! So, when a decree is handed down that only the most beautiful can rule the land, the Queen gets nervous and events turn ugly! Banished to the dark forest, Sweetpea’s fate seems bleak until a charming prince, a band of merry minstrels and seven snow peas come to the rescue! Will Sweetpea and her friends be able to warn the Queen in time to save her from the clutches of the tricky mirror – or will the crumbling kingdom and the Queen’s own heart be lost forever? Find out in this fairy Veggie Tale about the real meaning of true beauty. Plus, the almost-classic tale of . . .Snoodlerella. A self- conscious Snoodlerella is the star of the ball after getting an extreme makeover. Her life of glamour is short-lived as the clock strikes midnight and her glasses, braces and insecurities return. Will she be able to see herself as the good King sees her—unique, beautiful and perfect, just the way she is?

Dove Review

The first story is “Snoodlerella,” about a young girl with two older sisters and a somewhat mean stepmother. They demand she clean the house and do all the cooking. She wishes she were pretty, and she is so sad as she goes to her room. There, her fairy Godmother appears! Snoodlerella immediately beautifies as she strolls off to the Ball! But as the story goes, at midnight she reverts back to her old self. Yet, at the end of the story, the King still wants to dance with her. He truly loves her, he says. Her heart is what he sees is good! The comments from her sisters never bother her again.

Next, we see the story of Queen Blueberry, who is demanding, because she needs to be the most beautiful person in the kingdom every year. She approaches the talking mirror. He tells the Queen that inner beauty is different than outer beauty. The Queen lacks inner beauty, and the Mirror informs her of that fact. He identifies Sweetpea as the one with most inner beauty. The Mirror pulls a bunch of tricks on The Queen, her son and Sweetpea, as he attempts to steal the crown. The constant theme of the movie is that God says outward beauty will not last, but inner beauty will. These princess stories are all about our inner beauty from God. This movie earns the Dove Faith Friendly Seal for the whole family.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: none
Language: none
Violence: none
Drugs: none
Nudity: none
Other: none


Company: Anderson Digital
Director: Mike Nawrocki
Genre: Children
Runtime: 50 min.
Reviewer: Caryn Toering