The Flying Deuces

DVD Release: August 3, 2004
The Flying Deuces


“The Flying Deuces” is a high-flying hit, starring Laurel and Hardy as a pair of Americans who join the French Foreign Legion with naive ideas of what to expect. It’s a wild, hilarious ride with Laurel and Hardy’s signature brand of slapstick comedy.

Dove Review

“The Flying Deuces” is a lot of fun! Laurel and Hardy are their usual comedic selves, with several doses of slapstick humor and campy adventures.

Hardy falls for a beautiful woman in Paris named Georgette, who is actually married but thinks Hardy is just kidding around with her. When she learns he’s sincere, she lets him down as easily as she can. The film suggests that Laurel and Hardy join the French Foreign Legion to get Hardy’s mind off Georgette. They think they can leave the Foreign Legion in a few days after Hardy forgets her, so they join. When they decide to leave, the Foreign Legion isn’t ready to let them go.

The comedy abounds in this funny film. Join Laurel and Hardy in their adventure! This film has earned our Dove Seal for ages 12 and over.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: A husband and wife kiss a few times; a man is about to propose to a woman who he doesn't know is married, but later he finds out; single man kisses married woman on cheek, not knowing she's married, but the woman's husband corrects him.
Language: None
Violence: Pratfalls and slapstick violence, such as Laurel hitting Hardy in the rear with a cane; man bumps head on ceiling; man falls into river when he is chained to a heavy object, but he survives.
Drugs: A few tavern scenes and smoking and drinking scenes; a man asks for wine; a scene with drunken soldiers; cigar and cigarette smoking; a man is revived with smelling salts.
Nudity: None
Other: Hardy tells Oliver a joke about reincarnation, and then someone comes back as a horse near the end of the film; man is accidentally pushed into water; men fly a plane and the steering wheel comes off; man dies in plane crash, but the scene is played for laughs when he comes back to life as the horse.


Company: Legend Films
Producer: Boris Morros
Genre: Classic
Runtime: 64 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter