Christmas Eve

DVD Release: December 4, 2015
Christmas Eve


When a power outage traps six different groups of New Yorkers inside elevators on Christmas Eve, they find that laughter, romance, and a little holiday magic will get them through — and change their lives in unexpected ways. A heartless real estate tycoon (Patrick Stewart) clings to life in a precarious construction elevator hundreds of feet off the ground. Unexpected relationships bloom for a musician (Cheryl Hines) stuck with her dysfunctional orchestra mates, as well as an aspiring fashion photographer (James Roday) confined with the introverted paralegal in his apartment building (Julianna Guill). A crass HR manager (Max Casella) trapped with an employee he just fired (Jon Heder) and a cynical doctor (Gary Cole) transporting his terminal patient are forced to reconsider the way they think about others in this all-star ensemble comedy that proves that in a city of eight million, you never know whom you might get stuck with.

Dove Review

Getting stuck in an elevator is overwhelming, and on Christmas Eve, it’s even more stressful. A chain of events causes many different people to get stuck in six different elevators around the city, but they’re all connected somehow. The story tells how these people cope with their situation and how some of them come to life-changing conclusions.

Being in an elevator for hours, the trapped occupants reveal some facts about themselves: A wealthy man admits that money does not make you rich; a boss trapped with an employee he fired discovers that this employee has great ideas; a group of musicians reveal some unknown facts about each other; a doctor and some of the staff have to inform a patient of her future; a couple who live in the same building do a photo shoot; and then an offbeat group of two girls, a body builder, an art director and an intelligent man do odd things to pass the time. In the end, the film shows how they will all survive this event and what connection they all have.

“Christmas Eve” is a funny but serious look at people caught in a bad situation and how they handle the stress in which they find themselves. We award this film the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages 12 and up.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Couple kiss; young woman grabs man's behind; man kisses another on forehead
Language: Bloody-1; OMG-1; D/D it-8; H-2; S-1; Private "Dick"; "Up your --";
Violence: Man plays a violent video game; man driving van is in an accident and lands on electrical wires; woman fires gun in elevator; man falls out of elevator but hangs on and gets back in
Drugs: Man sticks another person with needle in neck
Nudity: Man in open vest showing chest; mild cleavage
Other: Man is fired from job on Christmas Eve; man is rude to others; man tells a lie about who he is; belief in a higher power; man with many tattoos


Company: Unstuck, LLC
Writer: Mitch Davis
Director: Mitch Davis
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 95 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe