Hiccup Effect

Hiccup Effect


An ordinary Hiccup will give way to an extraordinary outcome. William Edgar Jones believed in guardian angels, but what he never guessed would be the angel on his shoulder would be one cloaked in darkness and guiding him in deceit. Only thirteen, he has survived being struck by lighting and living a life color blind. His gray hue vision has provided a glimpse of the souls of his own and all those around him of their eternal home, bound to heaven or condemned to hell. His fate will remain sealed, unless an opportunity of Grace is offered. Penny Rose Copper, will meet Grace and shine her faith boldly. She no longer feels inadequate, instead pours out confidence in beauty of heart. William’s perspective and world as he knew it, is turned upside down in disbelief from a gasp of air trapped in his throat squeaking out in the form of a Hiccup, discovering death is required to live.

Dove Review

“Hiccup Effect” is a DVD that features a companion book written by J.N. Newmaster. It is a unique film that features good and evil spirits lurking in the background, illustrating the spiritual battles that take place behind the scenes. The film features various kids, including William, Penny, and Hector, and a trip to a Bible Camp for several of the students. They play and have fun and listen to a Bible chat. In the film a father also warns his son about scary movies.

The spiritual elements include a comment about having a relationship with Jesus in order to go to Heaven, and a father tells his son that he loves him. Eternal life, love, and spiritual warfare are three important topics in the film. It also includes a few scenes of humor, including one in which a loud noise is heard and one boy jumps in the arms of another one. The film isn’t intended for a very young audience, but we still award it our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for all ages. The companion book is about guardian angels and the characters mentioned in this review, such as William, Penny, and Hector. “Hiccup Effect” is a movie that can minister to youth.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Young man proposes to young woman and dances with her.
Language: You Goof-1; Bejeebers-2; Dork-1; Nut Brain-1; Dog Fart-1
Violence: Three spiritual beings wrestle; a battle with a knife and sword, but it's not graphic; an apparent accident on the road with a few vehicles and a police officer.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Boy's shoulder visible in shower; a couple of shirtless boys.
Other: Flatulence; demon with snake around neck; spiritual warfare.


Company: Hiccup Effect LLC
Producer: Carl Garick
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 100 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter