They Grow Up Fast

DVD Release: November 16, 2016
They Grow Up Fast


With the birth of his first child, Independent Filmmaker Darren Doane picked up his camera and began documenting the process of becoming a family. Ten years in the making, “They Grow Up Fast” is a profound and entertaining documentary for the entire family.

From mud puddles and family road trips to backyard parties and the birth of their third child in the front seat of their truck, Doane captures all of the amazing adventures of becoming a family. Good friend and best selling author N.D. Wilson crafted the script and brought new eyes to what it means to be a father and mother and the high calling of faithful parenting. “They Grow Up Fast” will entertain kids and inspire parents as they travel along with the Doanes on their grand adventure of growing as a family.

Dove Review

“They Grow Up Fast” is a warm and wonderful family film, which not only shows how quickly children grow up, but also the lessons that families can learn along the way. Darren Doane, filmmaker, husband and dad, does a terrific job with this film, taking a rare and heartwarming look at parenting. The father of three girls and one son, he shares 10 family lessons during the movie, including for example Family Lesson No. 1, which states that “Muddy is Fine!” He encourages parents to let kids have fun and not to be concerned about a little mud. Another example of a lesson is Family Lesson No. 4, titled, “Adventure can be Disguised,” and speaks of a time the family experienced a windy day at the beach and the girls loved it, despite Darren wanting to leave in the beginning because of the strong breeze.

The viewer will get to know Darren’s wife, Natalie, daughters Xan, Emmy and Zoe, and son, Knox. Watch the kids grow over a 10-year period and view family events such as vacations, the birth of a child in Darren’s truck, and the family’s move to a new home. The family bonds together because of their devotional time and faith in God. One child sings a song taken from the Bible and the family has prayer time. Darren emphasizes the need for routine and structure, such as regular times to brush teeth, take a nap and take the girls to ballet lessons, but they occasionally break away from the norm.

The cinematography features scenes of California, Oregon, and Idaho, and Darren offers a warm and, at times, humorous narration. We are more than pleased to award this film our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for all ages.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: A photo of husband kissing wife on the cheek.
Language: None
Violence: A photo of Darren, having hurt himself accidentally, with some blood on his face and hand, but it is not gratuitous.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Mild cleavage; adults and kids in swimwear.
Other: A girl falls off a scooter and cries, but she is okay.


Company: Postmill Distribution
Writer: N.D. Wilson
Director: Darren Doane
Genre: Parenting
Runtime: 79 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter