Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge

Theatrical Release: December 6, 2015
Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge


Molly and Ryan share a profound friendship their first semester in college. At their favorite bookstore and coffee shop, The Bridge, they spend countless hours studying and inspiring each other to dream. But can Molly and Ryan’s unspoken love survive the expectations of others as to what their lives should ultimately be? This TV movie stars Wyatt Nash, Katie Findlay, Faith Ford and Ted McGinley and is based on #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury’s “The Bridge: A Novel.”

Dove Review

Donna (Faith Ford) and Charlie (Ted McGinley) recover from a tragic loss and devote their lives to helping others fulfill their dreams. They open The Bridge, a bookstore and coffee shop in Franklin, Tenn., which provides an inviting environment for connecting people in profound ways.

Ryan (Wyatt Nash) and Molly (Katie Findlay) meet on the campus of Belmont College. She’s rich and destined to run her father’s global company in Seattle. He’s an aspiring musician with very modest goal of writing and playing music. They spend time together studying at The Bridge and challenge each other to be honest and transparent. They agree on stepping outside their comfort zone, which provides a common ground for them to see each other and themselves in a different light. The prevailing message in this romantic story is, “Respecting others is important, but when you find your true path, you should follow it.”

“The Bridge” is an enjoyable, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant story of following the road less traveled. The performances are all excellent, and movie is engaging from start to finish. The theme is more appropriate for audiences over the age of 12, but there is no objectionable or graphic behavior or coarse language.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: A married couple kisses briefly
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Loss of a child during pregnancy


Company: Hallmark Channel
Writer: Karen Kingsbury (novel), Jamie Pachino (screenplay)
Director: Mike Rohl
Producer: Dan Angel
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 90 min.
Reviewer: Dick Rolfe