Message of Hope

DVD Release: July 1, 2016
Message of Hope


Six teens, in an afluent community, grow up with the benefits and luxuries that come with their birth right. Attending a Christian school and are taught Biblical studies from the Faithful Pastor Anne. But, except for the compassionate attempts of one single girl, Sarah, who dreams of love and heavenly things, many of the less fortunate in the surrounding area are left forgotten and ignored by the wealthy, yet uncaring adults, especially Sarah’s father, who is hardened by the world around him. Sarah’s close friends begin to realize that money and material things are not as attractive as the love and compassion that Sarah exhibits – now they desire to change the world around them for the better. After John is visited by an Angel, he writes a story, “A Message of Hope,” to honor his friends, Michael and Sarah, and even their materialistic parents begin to wonder what is right and wrong. Together, they realize that we all have the power of choice, to choose life and love over the things of the world.

Dove Review

“Message of Hope” is a wonderful film that shows that being “different” can be good. Sarah Matriciano (played by Mickele Hogan) is a caring girl, who was influenced by Pastor Anne when she was a youth to make good choices to help people. When Sarah has extra money, she often helps a homeless man named Mr. Henshaw (Len O’ Sullivan), instead of shopping at the mall with her mother. In fact, much to her mother’s chagrin, she doesn’t even enjoy shopping. Sarah’s mom is all about fashion and money, and her father is all about pulling one’s own weight, not realizing that some good people can get into jams in life. In fact, when one homeless man approaches Mr. Matriciano (Matt Nicholas) for help, he puts the ashes from his cigarette in the man’s cup.

Sarah has been growing apart from her friends for awhile, including her closest friend, John Romanelli (Sean Tivenen). John calls Sarah “Bear,” for Teddy Bear, and has for years. But when John sees Sarah grasping to fit in while retaining her Christian compassion, it moves him to write an article that touches a lot of lives, and it’s subsequently published in a magazine. Sarah’s compassion for others becomes something to be admired, even by her own parents.

We are delighted to award “Message of Hope” our Faith Friendly Seal for ages twelve-plus. This film gives the viewer exactly what the title describes–a message of hope!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Couple kissing; "She was hot" comment.
Language: A man who leaves cigarette ashes in a homeless man's cup says he was "just screwing with him"; a "Losers" comment as a joke; "Losers"-1; Man calls homeless man a "lousy bum" and uses the terms "lousy stinking bums" and "bums" again; "You bum" (someone else said this); Someone is called "Jerk" as a joke; Freaking-1
Violence: A girl gets into an accident and blood is on her face.
Drugs: The drinking of beer; a woman is picking up alcohol; cigarette smoking in a few scenes; a teen girl appears to be tipsy and gets into a car accident but is sorry for what happened; a man admits to drinking a lot; a homeless man with alcohol has an attack of some sort, and he is rushed to the hospital.
Nudity: A few girls in shorts; a mother is in shorts; mild cleavage; girl's shoulder is bare.
Other: A man puts ashes in a homeless man's cup; card playing, apparently for money; a dad puts pressure on his son to do well on a test and get into a good college; a young man apparently commits suicide, and people grieve over his passing; tension between mothers as they discuss who is at fault regarding their kids' problems; the death of a homeless man causes a girl grief.


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Director: Tom Paddy Lee
Genre: Religion
Runtime: 94 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter