DVD Release: August 2, 2016


Gibby is the heart-warming story of one cheeky monkey bringing happiness to a grief-stricken girl. Katie is a teenager who is going through a rough time after losing her mother. She has lost interest in the things she used to love, including school, friends and gymnastics. But when Katie is asked to monkey-sit her teacher’s Capuchin monkey, Gibby, over the summer, Katie’s life takes a turn for the better. Gibby’s cheerful nature and zany antics pull Katie our of her depression and revive her passion for life. Gibby helps Katie return to gymnastics, renew neglected friendships, overcome her biggest rival and possibly even help Katie find a boyfriend.

Dove Review

“Gibby” is guaranteed to make you laugh. I laughed out loud several times at the antics of the Capuchin named “Gibby” (Crystal the monkey, in real life, who has also appeared in the “Night at the Museum” movies).

The story opens with a talented teen girl named Katie (Shelby Lyon) who is being cheered on by her mother at a competition. The story flashes forward, and Katie’s mother has died. Katie and her dad, Frank (Sean Patrick Flanery), have carried on, but Katie is depressed. She has quit competing, despite her friends begging her to become their team captain. Instead, a mean girl named Alicia, who is jealous of Katie, boasts thata she is going to become the team captain of the gymnastics team. When a boy named Tommy shows an interest in Katie, Alicia becomes angry and knocks a drink on Katie’s dress at the school dance. Still, meeting Tommy and taking on Ms. Martin’s pet Capuchin monkey, Gibby, for the summer might be just what the doctor ordered for Katie to find happiness again and–maybe–even compete again.

This comedic story features a theme of forgiveness. We are pleased to award this funny and entertaining movie our Dove Seal for all ages. Gibby’s antics in the kitchen with flour, eggs, and other food is a scene to remember. Also watch for the scene when Katie and Tommy are about to kiss for the first time and Gibby intervenes.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: Themes of healing from grief; empathy also stressed
Sex: A girl kisses a boy; "He's hot" comment.
Language: OMG-2; Insects-1; Girl is called "Alien, E.T."; Loser-2
Violence: A woman, who is afraid of a monkey, hits him with a plastic baseball bat and knocks him out for a moment, but he is okay.
Drugs: Wine with meal.
Nudity: Girls in shorts.
Other: A girl knocks drink on girl's dress on purpose; tension between characters; a monkey wreaks havoc in the kitchen, throwing eggs, flour, and other food items; a girl tries to cheat at a competition.


Company: Shout! Factory
Writer: Greg Lyon
Director: Phil Gorn
Genre: Children
Runtime: 87 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter