Chonda Pierce: Stand-Up for Families – Episode 3

Theatrical Release: June 7, 2016
DVD Release: June 7, 2016
Chonda Pierce: Stand-Up for Families – Episode 3


Exclusively on Dove Channel – Christian comedian Chonda Pierce, known as the Queen of Clean, brings together her favorite comic friends for a hilarious evening of clean, comedy fun aimed at families of all ages.

Dove Review

“Chonda Pierce: Stand-Up for Families – Episode 3” continues the series with another wholesome and fun-filled episode, hosted by the funny and clever Chonda Pierce. This program features some wonderful, family-friendly comedians, including Brad Stine, Anthony Griffith, Lisa Mills, Chinnitta Morris and Taylor Mason, along with Taylor’s puppet guests, Paco, Ramone, and Zero.

Chonda begins this episode with a joke about having a lot in common with the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and says the Cowboys need to start winning so they can feed those cheerleaders. Brad Stine jokes about taking political correctness too far and the cold weather in Winnipeg, Canada. Anthony Griffith gets a laugh out of the gate when he tells the audience he is paranoid because he always thinks people are watching him. His comedy act about the repercussions of eating refried beans will leave audiences with side-splitting laughter. Lisa Mills jokes about growing up poor and telling her friend the dishwasher (her mother) was lying down on the job. She also jokes about snoring and gaining weight and says her nose doesn’t weigh any more than it did when she got married. Chinnitta Morris jokes about wives always submitting to their husbands so that when something goes wrong, he gets the blame. Finally, Taylor Mason uses a few volunteers from the audience as he does his puppet act, which features his pigs, Ramone and Paco, and his penguin, Zero. His pig says he has a job — he’s a bank!

Enjoy this third episode of the Dove Channel’s feature film, “Chonda Pierce: Stand Up for Families.” We are awarding it our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: A comment about a cheerleader having been on the cover of Playboy; an innuendo about a certain part of a cheerleader's body that always came through the door first.
Language: "Wussified"-1; H (as a biblical Place)-1; A "kaka" joke.
Violence: A woman jokes that her ex used to crack her head.
Drugs: A "beer gut" joke; a woman says one of her ex husbands was a "crack head."
Nudity: A joke about God making naked women, and a comedian says an 11-year-old boy perked up when he heard "women" mentioned.
Other: A mucus comment.


Company: Cinedigm
Director: Stephen Yake
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 74 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L Capenter