Theatrical Release: November 4, 2016
DVD Release: February 7, 2017


A troll princess and her companion, the one unhappy troll, tries to rescue her friends from being eaten by their nemeses.

Dove Review

“Trolls” is a delightful movie about happiness, loyalty and love. Its theme is that happiness isn’t found in outward circumstances or in material things, but from within. It incorporates delightful characters such as Poppy (Anna Kendrick), a princess, Bridget (Zooey Deschanel), and Branch (Justin Timberlake). The trolls have a daily ritual of dance and sing and hug, but the grumpy gang known as the Bergens have what they call a “trollstice”, when they are happy for a day and they get happy by eating trolls. Prince Gristle (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) is in line to soon become king and he hasn’t yet experienced the delight of eating a troll. It is up to Poppy and Branch to make sure that a Bergen named Bridget, who is in love with Prince Gristle, learns that there is more to happiness than eating trolls. They convince her easily enough, but an evil chef may be more difficult to persuade. Bridget plans to persuade King Gristle that happiness can be found without eating a troll, but the chef wants to make sure that King Gristle tries his first troll for lunch.

This enchanted movie features songs, a lot of action, humor, and a good message. Poppy, who is always happy, likes Branch, who reminds her that life isn’t all “cupcakes and rainbows.” There are a few scenes in which a big creature eats a troll that betrayed his people, but none of these kinds of scenes are graphic. No child at the screening I attended seemed frightened. The trolls are loyal to one another, incorporating the philosophy of “No troll left behind!” We are thrilled and delighted to award “Trolls” our Dove Family-Approved Seal for all ages. These are the kind of trolls your kids will love!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: A couple attempts a kiss, but there is an object that gets in the way between their lips; a mild innuendo.
Language: Four uses of "OMG" and one "G" by one particular character; "Dumpy Diapers"-1; "You greedy, greedy pig!"-1
Violence: A couple of trolls are eaten; a Bergen kicks another one in the rear in a few scenes; a female Bergen snatches up trolls; a few characters are given wedgies; trolls flee from Bergens; a creature breathes fire and one character is turned to ash; the prince's hand is slapped; a female Bergen carries a knife strapped to her leg; a Bergen chases one character, saying, "I'm going to kill you!"; a comment about biting a troll's head off; a character is hit with a wooden spoon.
Drugs: A troll takes a drink and others sing "Chug! Chug!" but it is not clear what is being consumed.
Nudity: A shirtless troll; a troll is nude but only his backside is seen.
Other: A casket tips over with a clown in it; a character uses "bug" paddles on a puppy to bring him back to life.


Company: 20th Century Fox
Producer: Gina Shay
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 94 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter