Theatrical Release: December 21, 2016
DVD Release: March 21, 2017


A koala named Buster Moon has one final chance to restore his theater to its former glory by producing the world’s greatest singing competition.

Dove Review

Buster Moon is a koala who has wanted to own a great theater ever since his dad took him to the theater when he was 6 years old. But over the years he has fallen on hard times; he owes the bank and his employees. He needs to change things around, so he decides to hold a singing contest with a $1,000 prize. Unfortunately his assistant, Miss Crawley, adds two more zeros to the flyers that inadvertently go out the window when a large breeze swoops them up, and that puts him on the line for a $100,000 payout.

Many come to try out. Only a few are picked: Rosita, a stay-at-home mom to 25 piglets; Ash is a female porcupine who is part of a two-piece band, but Mr. Moon only wants her and not her partner; Johnny loves to sing, but his father wants him to be a part of the bank robbery gang; and then there is Mike, a mouse who thinks he is the best. Together they all prepare for the show until there a mishap at the theater that makes them all wonder what will happen. Even Buster is unsure of the future.

“Sing” is a colorful animated movie with wonderful toe-tapping music. There are also some lessons taught—follow your dreams; don’t be afraid of your talents; and sometimes, it is not for the monetary prize but for the enjoyment of friendships and working together that is the fulfillment of your objective. We are proud to award the Dove Family-Approved Seal for all ages to “Sing”.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Two scenes where rabbits are dancing and shaking their behinds; girl character breaks up with boyfriend when he gets a new singing partner.
Language: Holy moly-2; oh gosh-1; gee-whiz-1.
Violence: Gorillas robbing a bank; gorilla thinks he hit his dad with truck; mouse is caught cheating at cards; glass breaks and floods theater, destroying it; gorilla breaks out of jail.
Drugs: When a character has his inhaler out on the ground another asks, "What do you smoke out of that?"
Nudity: None.
Other: Employees' paychecks bounced; koala thrown out of restaurant for bringing his own food; a bull unintentionally emits flatulence noises; boyfriend puts girlfriend down; boy gorilla goes to talk to dad in prison and dad refuses to talk to him.


Company: Universal Pictures
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 110 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe