Return to Zion Ranch

DVD Release: May 11, 2017
Return to Zion Ranch


A story that follows the journey of twelve brothers who leave their father’s ranch in search of adventure, money, and ultimately, a purpose for their lives. When news comes that there is trouble on their father’s ranch, they must choose to pursue their own ambitions, or answer the call and return home.

Dove Review

“Return to Zion Ranch” features a faith-based message and terrific scenery. A man named Jacob Israel is the father of 12 sons. They were each named after the 12 tribes of Israel; for example, Gad, Benjamin, and Asher. They worked on the ranch with their father, but after some time passes, they all desire to go on an adventure and experience life. Jacob contacts his sons sometime after they leave to let them know some evil men are out after the ranch and mean to harm him as well. The plot focuses on the sons returning to defend their father and the ranch. This will involve a lot of gun play and action.

Various spiritual comments are made by the father and sons and prayer is offered up in the movie as well. Due to the vast amount of deaths from shooting, we are awarding the film our Faith-Based Seal, meaning it has a strong faith message along with some strong material, namely the violence. The theme of family loyalty and faith in God to turn things around are nicely played out in this movie.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None.
Language: A possible use of an insult using a slang for male genitalia, or it could have been the man's first name; dimwit-2; crap-1; fat heifer-1.
Violence: Multiple shootings throughout the film with a little blood on a man's shirt; punches thrown; an Indian is knifed; man robs bank at gunpoint; man slapped across face; man hit with gun butt; man threatens to slap woman's face.
Drugs: Saloon scenes; smoking and drinking in many scenes.
Nudity: Man's back shown from ripped shirt.
Other: Cowboy is bucked off his horse; gambling; tension between characters.


Company: Lone Rider Films, LLC
Genre: Western
Runtime: 103 min.
Starring: Luke Valimont, Josiah Benjamin Van Kirk, Andrew Knoll, Robert Weber
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter