Alpha and Omega: Journey to Bear Kingdom

DVD Release: May 9, 2017
Alpha and Omega: Journey to Bear Kingdom


The pack is back in a pawsitively thrilling adventure the whole family will love! All the animals in the Eastern Forest are excited because Queen Bear and Princess Canue are coming to visit. But when evil rogue wolves threaten the royal bears, wolf pups Stinky, Runt, and Claudette leap into action. With courage, wits, and plenty of help from their wild and wonderful friends, the alpha and omega wolves rise to protect the queen and princess to save their forest home.

Dove Review

Stinky, Runt, and Claudette decide to go to the Eastern Forest to see royalty, Queen Bear and Princess Canue. The also understand they will be in big trouble and grounded when their parents find out where they went. But when the rogue wolves attack the royals, the cubs and friend do their best to help protect the little princess.

When the cubs arrive home with Princess Canue, Humphrey and Kate are very understanding as news has come to them of the attack on the bear kingdom. Everyone from the forest decides to step in to help save the kingdom from the rogue wolves and also the two bears that turned traitors.

It is always a fun adventure with the Alpha and Omega series, as they teach about friendship, helping others and protecting the forest. This wonderful family entertaining tale will be enjoyed by young and old alike. We are proud to award ” Alpha and Omega: Journey to Bear Kingdom” the Dove Family-Approved Seal for all ages.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None.
Language: None.
Violence: Bears, wolves and other forest animals fight; a bear and wolf are thrown over a waterfall.
Drugs: None.
Nudity: None.
Other: None.