When Calls the Heart- Healing Heart

DVD Release: September 5, 2017
When Calls the Heart- Healing Heart


From celebrated author Janette Oke (The “Love Comes Softly” series) comes a rigorous and romantic adventure as epic as the wide frontier. Erin Krakow (“Army Wives”), Jack Wagner (“Melrose Place”) and Lori Loughlin (“Full House,” “90210”) star in When Calls The Heart, a beautiful story filled with “many of the values we all hold precious such as love, family, friendship, community, faith and caring about one another” (Military Press). Elizabeth encounters some tension in her classroom when the nephews of Ray Wyatt arrive and bully the other students. Meanwhile, Ray himself threatens the very survival of Abigail’s Café when he opens a competing commissary. And when Lee loses his voice, Rosemary is more than willing to do his talking for him—but he’s anything but speechless when Rosemary gets behind the wheel of his new car!

Dove Review

“When Calls the Heart- Healing Heart” features two episodes from season four of the amazing and popular “When Calls the Heart” series. The themes include bullying and how to deal with it and in this case it happens not only in the classroom but is used by the railroad in town, as they’re attempting to take away Abigail’s café business. They do this by opening up a commissary. Lee loses his voice and Rosemary insists on talking for him on behalf of his lumber business, which will try Lee’s patience a bit. When Lee attempts to teach Rosemary how to drive, it doesn’t fare well for either one of them! There are some delightfully comic moments in these scenes.

We are glad to present our Dove Family Approved Seal to this DVD set. This is a family program with great values and terrific stories. It has earned five Doves.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Kissing by couples.
Language: None
Violence: Boys fight; men are shot at; woman punches man and knocks him out; man prevents a law officer from being shot.
Drugs: Drinking in one scene
Nudity: None
Other: Boys bully a girl and take her stuffed bear; tension between characters including a husband and wife.


Company: Edify Media
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 84 min.
Starring: Erin Krakow, Terence Kelly, Jack Wagner, Pascale Hutton. Martin Cummins, Daniel Lissing, Lori Loughlin, Kavan Smith
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter