Tucker Therapy

DVD Release: October 3, 2017
Tucker Therapy


Richard Tucker is an average father…he’s completely frustrated with his family. So, when the opportunity arises for him to use their dysfunction to get a promotion at work, he’s willing to do what’s necessary to get ahead: trick them into a week of family therapy.

Dove Review

The Tucker family is very dysfunctional. Richard spends a lot of time at work trying to climb that corporate ladder. His wife is not happy with him trying to fix everything from the plumbing to family relationships, especially when it does not turn out well. Taking a vacation may be what this family needs, but this trip is not the vacation they think. Underneath, it is a camp for family counseling.

This is a story of a man who is trying to fix a dysfunctional family, but we learn that keeping secrets from family is not always the best way to accomplish that task. It also is a story of second chances; that in your life it is important to remember that love is always a constant in family, it should never be taken for granted. Family is a unit in which everyone has a vested interest in making it function well.

Tucker Therapy is awarded the Dove Family-Approved Seal.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Comment about "ball" parts; sexual innuendos
Language: Shut up-3; crap-1; idiot; heck
Violence: Parent slaps son in the back of head; employee is grabbed and another employee is slapped; man gets pushed off his chair; man hits woman in the face; man is hit in private area and later seen holding ice on it; girl falls into lake and has to be saved.
Drugs: Drinking beer
Nudity: None
Other: Disrespectful attitudes towards others; keeping secrets from family; couple argue; man lying on parents' grave


Company: JaxDistribution
Director: Stephen Krist
Producer: Jeff Krist
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 90 min.
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe