Theatrical Release: July 21, 2017


Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire, Canada, and France are surrounded by the German army and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II.

Dove Review

Mesmerizing. Riveting. The viewer is truly drawn to the screen as the movie “Dunkirk” flash various images across the screen: bombings, planes crashing into the water, and soldiers carrying the wounded, trying to get them to departing ships. The theme is, ultimately, survival.

This gripping picture offers up an array of dramatic moments, including a father and son navigating a small ship while dealing with two issues—picking up a shell-shocked soldier who is a bit unstable, and a young 17-year-old boy named George who is there to help, but falls victim to an accident. It becomes evident his life is in danger and there are no hospitals nearby. Some soldiers who help a seriously wounded man onto a departing ship hide below so they won’t have to get off and face possible enemy fire. The movie is based on true events regarding the evacuation of Dunkirk. Other scenes focus on the battles in the sky, with pilots firing at each other, and one pilot running dangerously low on fuel. Will he survive? We find out at the end, which once again affirms the theme of survival when death is all around. When a pilot is down in the water, a young man on his father’s small ship wants to keep going. The father insists on going back because, “Maybe we can help him.” That is a wonderful theme seen more than once in the film.

From the Dove perspective, the movie speaks of heroism and helping one another. The use of strong language is evident in a few scenes as listed in our content section. Cinematically, this film is very well directed, produced, acted, and is, ultimately, an unforgettable film. When a few soldiers begin arriving home, one elderly man says,”Well done,” to a soldier. “All we did is survive,” the soldier responds. “That’s enough,” replies the man. And that is a pretty good outlook on war.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: The use of some strong language including a couple of "Ch*ist" utterances, H, and the F-bomb is used a few times as well, as well as the word "bloody" being used several times, and "S".
Violence: Some violence including war planes firing on each other and some of them going down; explosions and shootings with several people being killed; some bloody wounds but the bloody scenes are not lengthy nor gratuitous; man struck in face as he checks out an area in a ship that has been fired on several times but his bloody face is not seen; a man with a bloody chest wound which is only seen briefly; flames seen on the water, fueled by oil.
Drugs: The drinking of beer
Nudity: None
Other: A depressed soldier walks into the water to commit suicide; a few men drown; a man in shock knocks a young man down some steps and the young man is badly wounded, with some blood seen on his head; tension between characters.


Company: Warner Brothers
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 106 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter