Because of Gracia

Theatrical Release: September 15, 2017
Because of Gracia


Chase Morgan would love to live up to his own name and pursue something great. It’s his senior year and he’s still as insecure as ever but Eastglenn High’s newest student is about to turn that around. Grácia is a girl with charisma, intelligence and conviction but she’s not as “put together” as Chase and his best friend OB might think. A dark past gives her a unique connection with Bobbi, a misunderstood classmate with a pushy boyfriend and disconnected father. As Bobbi struggles with a life-and-death decision and Chase risks rejection, Grácia challenges her friends, teachers and even herself to step outside the status quo. Because of Grácia’s inspiring strength, those around her are finding it easier to speak up and fall in love.

Dove Review

In “Because of Gracia,” senior high schooler Chase Morgan is what you’d call “accomplishment challenged.” His personal motto: “Seize Not the Day.” And when he’s accompanied by his goofy good buddy OB, the two can happily bumble down dude lane. Then Gracia, aka Grace, arrives. Grace has been praying for a Christian friend and is happy to befriend the dumbstruck Chase, whose ADD produces some hilarious dream scenes!

Fortunately she’s everything he’s not: confident, well-spoken, organized. She can dance in the lunchroom or debate origins like an articulate creation sciences professor. The latter doesn’t bode too well with Dr. Livingston, the agnostic debate teacher. But she gets the class thinking outside the public school box and continues to build Chase’s confidence as their friendship (and courtship) grows. Eventually, Chase finds his voice, performing a street poem about Jesus.

Simultaneously, a very different relationship is happening with Bobbi and her atheist beau, Jesse. Choosing poorly, Bobbi gives in to his promises of love and becomes pregnant. Terrified of telling her pastor father, she confides in Grace who assures her God has His plan for her, and it is partially Grace’s influence that sways Bobbi’s turbulent decision about an abortion. Throughout this well-produced film, there are messages of Christian strength and forgiveness as well as consequences for choices. We see God’s work in resolving the lives of those touched by Grace. However, because of the frank discussion about sex and abortion, this film is better suited for ages 12 and older, receiving our Dove Seal for Ages 12+.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Discussions about not having sex before marriage; kissing in a car; pressuring into sexual intercourse
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Second story is about teens who engage in premarital sex; doctor gives girl information about an abortion clinic.


Company: ArtAffects Entertainment
Writer: Tom Simes
Director: Tom Simes
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 107 min.
Reviewer: Stephanie Wilson