Pondemonium: The Movie



The vast wetland paradise known as The Marsh is teeming with cute and curious insects and animals of all kinds. The Marsh is home to adventure, a dash of danger, a great deal of whimsy, and a strong sense of community. In this little colony, residents face a variety of challenges, but caring neighbors always come through when the going gets tough!

Dove Review

“Pondimonium” is so titled for a reason. It features a frog, a pond and other creatures. In fact, the frog—named Joe Croaker—is good friends with a fly, Cosmo. They go on several adventures together and, occasionally, butt heads but they always manage to remain friends. This wonderful animated video does a terrific job in showcasing what friendship is all about—loyalty, forgiveness, and spending quality time together—as well as being there when things aren’t so great. Joe is a delightful character, with a hearty and funny laugh and he always rushes headlong into things. Cosmo is the level-headed fly that helps keep him straight.

The episodes include titles such as, “A hard nut to crack,” “Knucklehead,” “Crocodile,” “The Amazing Whistle,” and “A Stiff Neck.” “Crocodile” is a good example of the silly fun in some of the episodes as Cosmo gets stuck in a toy crocodile and both he and Joe, at first, think it is a real crocodile. When Cosmo says something Joe doesn’t like, Joe leaves him inside the toy’s mouth. Later, seeing a stamp Cosmo had bought him for his birthday softens Joe’s heart and he goes back to rescue Cosmo.

With several awesome adventures and plenty of laughs to pass around, what’s not to like? The colors are vivid, the characters amusing, and the stories are imaginative. We are pleased to award our Dove Seal for all ages to these family-suitable and creative episodes for your kids.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: A fly kisses a frog on the mouth after the frog rescues him from danger, and the frog asks, "Did you have to kiss me?"
Language: A few comments like "knucklehead"
Violence: Two characters struggle to take possession of a whistle, and one lightly hits the other one to push him away; a few slapstick moments of physical comedy including a few shoves
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Belching; tension between a few characters but nothing very serious


Company: Ruthless Studios
Writer: Zhe Hou
Producer: Ming Li
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 73 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter