When Walter Met Zipper



Breaching No Pets policy, single mother Cindy allows her loner son Walter take in a stray kitten he calls Zipper. First mistaken to her for a small cat, Zipper soon grows into a big cat — White Bengal Tiger — obnoxious trouble ensues.

Dove Review

When Walter Meet Zipper is a heartwarming story that highlights an adventurous yet tender relationship between a mother, Cindy, and son, Walter and a house pet they’ve named Zipper that grows into a gigantic wild animal. We see this duo, especially Walter, who lobbies to keep the pet against the Cindy’s wishes, manage the high jinx that come with the challenges of housing a tiger in an apartment. Though some backstory would help to establish conflict and commitment to the protagonist, it is apparent that and the neighbors, along with other outside forces, complicate the situation and lend to adorable and sometimes humorous scenes, as the trio of mother, son, and pet romp around the home and seek to hide from potential intruders.

Cindy does make a questionable choice to lie to their landlord about the presence of the animal in the apartment against the rules, and she encourages Walter to assist in the facade. However, her intention to rescue this abandoned animal stems from love and compassion and is meant to be a temporarily situation. As she and Walter become attached, she finds it increasingly difficult to imagine life without Zipper. Though it would add dynamism to see these sub-plots developed further, such as Walter’s struggle with bullying; the nosey neighbor’s involvement; and the father, who has been mysteriously absent, enter the storyline, the message of unconditional love as a force that can bring healing and restoration is apparent by the end. Zipper’s sacrifice is the catalyst for Walter to self-actualize in this coming of age tale where a larger theme of trusting “Providence” at all times, even when feeling persecuted, is a rock we can all depend upon.

We are proud to award this film the Dove approval for all ages seal.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Unknown
Genre: Family
Reviewer: Shelley K