Turtle Tale

Turtle Tale


Turtle Tale is inspired by events that took place at the George C. McGough Nature Park in Largo, Florida—the story of J.R. the owl as witness and told by nature park’s first inhabitants, the Turtles. The Turtles, Hank, Rafi, and Goliath, and their community live in a beautiful pond with nice, clean water, lots of food, and are witness to all the events of the park as they get ready for another busy summer camp season—never suspecting what is about to happen at the park and to themselves.

Dove Review

Turtle Tale celebrates diversity in all sorts of ways—between people, specifically through their talents and passions, and between animals, with a cast of critters who speak to one another in live action. As films for young audiences go, an ensemble-driven storyline seems a rarity, and the film truly embraces that.

There is a lot for younger viewers to appreciate here, especially when it comes to learning about animals and how they live together and interact with each other. What is most interesting to observe is how the animals leave in peace and relative tranquility until we see the plot thicken as the control falls in the human characters’ laps. The turtles, in turn, have no control over what happens to their pond, their home. The humans are left to pick up the pieces and fix what does not belong to them.

From this film, children can learn about how to treat others well, and how to watch over the innocent; in this case, the animals.

Turtle Tale is a fun, appropriate Dove-Approved film for All Ages. It is rich and full of heart!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: Character redeemed for his actions
Sex: Mild flirtation between teenage characters
Language: Immature words like "dumb" and "poop"
Violence: A car window breaks with a child near it; characters talk about the loss of loved ones; teens put an animal in minor danger; woman breaks her ankle; teen punches another
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Some bad behavior from teens


Company: Grindstone Entertainment Group
Director: Luc Campeau
Producer: Cindy LaFray, Warren LaFray, Jamie R. Thompson, Jerry Thevenet
Genre: Family
Runtime: 87 min.
Reviewer: Rory P