The Last Appeal

DVD Release: August 27, 2016
The Last Appeal


The Last Appeal is the powerful faith-based drama that takes us into the world of death row, where each prisoner faces insurmountable legal battles, family struggles and their own mortality. Titus Freeman enters this daunting world determined to work the legal system to side-step his sentence, but instead discovers a new life beyond the grave that is eternal. Outside of this hopeless world is Titus’ victim’s wife Trisha, who has vowed to work the legal system to enforce his execution. Her new-found ambition covers a much darker secret that only her late husband Ivan knew about. It is not until this life-altering secret is exposed that Trisha can escape a prison of her own.

Dove Review

The Last Appeal is a gripping and gritty drama, a faith-based film that is wonderfully acted and directed. John Bentley does an outstanding job as Clay, a prisoner on death row who has turned his life over to Christ, and who witnesses to his fellow inmates. New inmate Titus (Jason Sims-Prewitt), who killed a police officer named Ivan, is a bitter man who simply wants out and pushes his younger brother to find an attorney that can make it happen. His brother wants him to tell the court about the abusive beatings from his father he took as a kid, but he is not interested in going back to his past. Another inmate, Randy (Robert Wu), is wrongfully imprisoned, waiting for an important witness to be located. A man named Kurtis (Marcus LaVoi) is racist; additionally, he doesn’t want to hear about Clay’s God and his relationship with Jesus. But then on a bad day he learns he and Clay have something in common, the love of a certain comic book, and when Clay arranges for his collection to be brought to prison for Kurtis to read, Kurtis begins to see him in a new light.

This movie is very much about forgiveness. A woman named Trish (Kimberly Arland), the murdered cop’s wife, struggles with bitterness toward his murderer, Titus. Will she find it in her heart to forgive Titus? Will the witness that can set Randy free be found? Will Kurtis finally break free of his racism? The movie will reveal all. It is a mighty tale about the power of God’s forgiveness and we happily award it the Dove Faith Friendly Seal for Ages 12+. The Last Appeal is very appealing and a nice addition to the world of faith-based films.

Content Description

Faith: A man witnesses about Christ to several inmates.
Integrity: People change and show forgiveness toward each other.
Sex: A woman had cheated on her husband but confesses to him and tells him it is in the past.
Language: H-1; A few racist terms are used, but the man that uses them changes. "Shut up" is used a few times.
Violence: A drug deal gone bad results in a shooting of a police officer but it is neither graphic nor bloody; cops hit and use club on a few prisoners but it is not gratuitous.
Drugs: A drug deal and talk about using drugs.
Nudity: None
Other: Death and grief; tension between characters.


Company: Eastern Sky Theatre Company
Writer: Trey Fernald
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 115 min.
Reviewer: Ed C