The Gospel of Matthew

DVD Release: February 13, 2018
The Gospel of Matthew


The Gospel of Matthew was the most popular Gospel in the early Christian centuries. Written for a Christian community as it begins to separate from the Jewish world, Matthew’s Gospel goes to great lengths to show that, as the Messiah, Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies referring to God’s Saviour. Narrated in the NIV version by leading British actor Stephen Tompkinson and in the KJV by David Threlfall — featuring specially constructed sets and the authentic countryside of Morocco — it immerses the viewer in the world of first-century Palestine.

Dove Review

Continuing the Lionsgate Gospel series, The Gospel of Matthew is a finely produced and expertly crafted entry into this epic collection. Yet the term “epic” does not quite do the film justice, nor Jesus himself. Its greatest strength is how it follows the cinematic ideal of “showing, not telling” the gospel. And that is a rare feat.

Selva Rasalingam once again reprises his role as Jesus Christ, and through his movements and the engaging looks gives, he achieves something remarkable: an approachable, relatable Christ. With ease, he leads the entire story through a journey we all know but can now sumptuously see.

The Gospel of Matthew is also an absolute spectacle in design and craft, featuring a gorgeous and realistic array of sets and costumes. Even the locations, shot in the Moroccan countryside, feel so authentic it makes the gospel come alive for us. The film is more than an educational entry. It is a wondrous, immersive experience into the gospel, meant for us to relate to rather than to study.

Dove is proud to award The Gospel of Matthew our approval for All Ages.

Content Description

Faith: Christ's life and journey are seen clearly.
Integrity: Christ's teachings are greatly encouraged
Sex: Mention of sexual immorality
Language: None
Violence: Mild violent images and descriptions
Drugs: Mild drinking, mostly in the background; mention of drinking
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Lionsgate
Director: David Batty
Genre: Religion
Runtime: 191 min.
Reviewer: Rory P